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Ireland Baldwin poses topless with nothing but her wiener dog

Ireland Baldwin. The Premiere Of YouTube Originals' "Justin Bieber: Seasons" held at The Regency Bruin Theatre.
Ireland Baldwin shared a topless photo featuring her wiener dog. Pic credit: ©

Ireland Baldwin’s social media is full of shots from her modeling and day-to-day life, as well as many photos of her dogs. 

Not only is the model familiar with dogs being man’s best friend, but she seems to have found a new title for them as her best nudity filter. 

Ireland shared two topless photos of herself, one with one of her dogs and the other without. 

The makeup-free photos give fans a close look at her tattoos as well as her dachshund. In the first photo, she holds her dog and strategically uses the cute pup to cover her bare chest. 

Ireland Baldwin uses wiener dog to cover herself in topless pic

She captioned the post, “wiener ‘n tattoo appreciation post.” The first photo shows off one arm of tattoos and her dog as she looks bare-faced at the camera. However, her pup appears to be looking toward a window. 

The second photo is a shot of herself covering her face with her hands while her forearms cover her chest. Her fingernails are adorned with bright red nail polish, and fans can see the multiple tattoos that cover both arms. 

Fans can see a snake tattoo that literally snakes down her arm as well as a skeleton, Hello Kitty, and various other designs. The model even has a David Bowie tattoo on one shoulder. 

However, even this photo isn’t dog free. In the righthand corner, fans can see all three of her dogs cuddled up in bed in the background. 

Going makeup-free and at least partially nude gives Ireland an air of confidence, but the star recently opened up about her anxiety and how she copes with anxiety attacks. 

Ireland Baldwin opens up about dealing with anxiety attacks

Ireland shared a post on Instagram earlier this month that shows two photos of her sitting on the floor, looking a bit red-faced. 

She wrote in the caption that she had a cup of coffee that morning without eating, which resulted in an anxiety attack. She advised fans that she wrote the post from her bathroom floor, where she said, “I usually sit here like this or lay in fetal position until I can’t cry or throw up anymore.” 

She explained that coffee is a “major esophageal irritator and reflux trigger for me which leads to anxiety.” She advises that if anyone reading also suffers from anxiety, “coffee isn’t your friend!” 

She closed out the post by writing that sharing her experiences helps it all pass and advised anyone who struggles similarly to share their own experiences with drinking coffee and having anxiety in the comments. 

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