Ireland Baldwin is glowing for bedroom selfie

Ireland Baldwin poses at a museum pop-up event.
Ireland Baldwin looked glowing as she posed in bed after recently announcing her pregnancy. Pic credit: ©

Ireland Baldwin took time away from her daily routine to share stunning new pics on her social media page.

The 27-year-old daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger looked radiant as she posed without a top for her latest online share, showing off her short hair, which has been slowly growing out since she buzzed it off last summer.

Ireland recently announced she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, André Allen Anjos, and her current snaps prove that the star has got that pregnancy glow going on.

In the first of several pics, Ireland could be seen leaning on her side, using her hand to prop up her head, as she gazed into the lens.

Her dark locks were smoothed down to form a ring of blunt bangs across the top of her forehead for a look that not every person could pull off, but Ireland nailed perfectly.

Hints of her multiple arm tattoos could be made out, and the model appeared to be going makeup-free for her gorgeous shot.

The next snap showed a still of an album cover by Art Lown, with the song Deep Blue Sea displayed as the young star’s musical choice for the day.

A delicious-looking bowl of cut-up grapefruit and oranges made up the next pic, with an adorable TikTok video of a baby bunny munching on a carrot following the fruit bowl.

Ireland Baldwin poses topless for glowing new snaps

Ireland added other random photos to her lengthy post, tossing in a lava lamp snap and an egg breakfast plate that looked to be garnished with capers and mixed with meat of some kind.

A cute picture of a hedgehog asleep on its back came next before Ireland finally shared another snap of herself.

She seemed to be reclining on the same bed or sofa she had been using in her first photo, this time lying on her stomach and reaching forward to hold the camera in front of her.

Her glow was evident in the shot, with her complexion imperfection-free and enviably taught.

The tattoo that ran down her right shoulder and arm was more visible this time, with a turquoise circle going around the head and torso of a dark-haired woman.

Ireland’s last two photographs showed first a pair of suited-up people dueling with fencing swords, the words “Why must beekeepers fight?” emblazoned on top while the last post in the series showed a robot vacuum running its cycle while the house around it burned.

She captioned her series with, “when you wipe your tears, do you wipe ’em jusssss for me me me me me me.”

While the star continues to navigate her new pregnancy, she also remains busy working alongside her boyfriend as they strive to open a wine bar.

Ireland Baldwin aims to open her own wine bar

As reported by Eater in the fall, Ireland and André, better known by his musician name RAC, have plans to open up a wine bar and cafe near their Oregon home on the coast.

With the pair now going into their third year together, the duo has their sights set on solidifying their relationship and their Oregonian roots with the new project.

After moving away from the hectic life found in Los Angeles during the pandemic, Ireland and RAC situated themselves in the quieter country of the Oregon coast and the model began visiting a local pub, where she befriended the owner Traci Williams.

Williams relayed to Ireland that she planned to retire soon and thus began the conversation between the pair to have Ireland take over.

Ireland and her beau are said to be planning to make some alterations to the establishment, changing the name from Sweet Shop to Good Times and expanding the pub to include both the cafe and wine bar, along with a boutique.

“Most of the brands we’re working with are my friends,'” Ireland shared about the labels she planned to partner with, explaining that most of them were locally owned by Black women.

“So it’s a communal thing with the boutique and cafe because we’re all kind of a family that’s working on this together,” she said.

As far as the food goes, Ireland and André gained a liking for Sardinia food following a trip to the country and plan to formulate their menu around Mediterranean cuisine.

“When I think of the ideas we have for this restaurant, it’s the simplicity of [Sardinia’s] dishes and how their seafood really speaks for itself. It’s not being glamorized by tons of sauces and this and that,” Ireland explained.

The cafe/wine bar is set to open sometime this year, though time will tell if the plans will remain in place given Ireland’s pregnancy.

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