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Ireland Baldwin in g-string bikini sprawls out for sunbathing

Ireland Baldwin shares a pic online.
Ireland Baldwin got in touch with her cheekier bikini side as she displayed her rear and upper assets. Pic credit: @irelandirelandireland/Instagram

Ireland Baldwin stayed in touch with her sensual side this weekend as she continued her social media domination while posing in some revealing attire.

The 26-year-old daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, and cousin to fellow model Hailey Bieber, has appeared to be thoroughly reveling in her overseas downtime alongside her boyfriend, musician Andre Allen Anjos while the pair celebrated a friend’s wedding.

Giving fans more than just a peek at her creamy skin and cheekier assets while wearing an itty bitty bikini, Ireland made sure to set up the end of the weekend the right way and leave fans begging for more.

Ireland threw on a tiny g-string two-piece for her sunbathe

While the model has shared a few eye-catching moments from her lavish vacation, Ireland’s casual dropping of her most recent Instagram post was certainly one of her best series of the week, following setting the internet on fire with some risque skinny dipping a few days prior.

Letting the first snap in the nine-part slide show do all the talking, Ireland sizzled as she sprawled out on the deck of a boat to catch some rays while rocking a skimpy bikini.

Giving a nice close-up shot of her body, the model and mental-health activist looked like a real vision of summer as she showed off not only her multiple tattoos, including a sexy red rose that curved downward around her lower belly to the inner thigh, but also her insane curves and busty assets.

The pale-pink two-piece hugged her body only just barely, covering up her chest and private areas with the smallest triangular material swatches.

In a later snap, Ireland let fans in on her rear view, sitting upright at the prow of the boat with her back turned to the camera as she twisted her torso to glance seductively at the lens while putting a showy display of her booty-baring g-string and breast-revealing top.

Ireland went topless to denounce shaving

Although the beauty looks to have made a return to ridding herself of unwanted body hair, it was not that long ago that Ireland shared with her fans that she was sick of shaving and had decided to let it all go and let her body do what it wanted.

According to Monsters and Critics, Ireland shared the news via a topless snap in which she could be seen leaning over nearly nude to examine her thong-clad nether regions, writing “…I am announcing that I am done shaving” after cutting her “devil’s doorbell in the shower” and watching the blood run down her legs.

“Done with hair removal all together. Letting cousin IT grow,” she added, concluding the post with “Rolling with the punches. Braiding that s**t. No more shaving 2022. Too sensitive for laser so don’t even suggest. Leave me alone. I’ve decided coot hair is in. Deal with it.”

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