Instagram model Eliza Reign claims to be pregnant with Future’s child

Eliza Reign, Future and Joie Chavis
Eliza Reign to be pregnant by rapper Future, who is expecting a child with Joie Chavis. Pic Credit Instagram: elizareign_/joiechavis.

Future recently attended Joie Chavis’s baby shower as he is expecting his fifth child with the model. However, Instagram model Eliza Reign claims to be pregnant with Future’s child. In a now-deleted Instagram post, which you can read below, Eliza Reign claimed to be in an on/off relationship with Atlanta rapper Future.

She claims that her relationship with the Mask Off rapper lasted a little over two years. Reign claims to have continued seeing Future while knowing about his relationships with other women.  

The Haitian model claims that Future encouraged her to get an abortion after she discovered her pregnancy. 

Eliza Reign alleges that the rapper offered to pay her off to go through with the abortion. In the long Instagram post, the model claims that a physician told her that she was at a high risk due to her age and may be unable to conceive another child if she goes through with the abortion.

Eliza’s Instagram post which was removed by Instagram for violating it’s community guidelines.

Eliza Reign stated that members of Future’s entourage harassed her after she decided to keep the child. The model claims to be in fear for her life and denies attempting to “trap” the rapper with a child because she has had relationships with higher profile celebrities.

Future has not publicly responded to Eliza Reign’s claims at the time of this report.

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