Ines Trocchia warns fans against her fake accounts in animal print bikini

Ines Trocchia take selfies at the beach.
Ines Trocchia showed off her figure to her followers in some beach selfies. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia is at it again, showing off her curves in a bikini for her latest Instagram Story.

While the Italian model usually asks her fans questions in her posts that help her get to know them, this time, she had something a bit different to say.

Based on her post, it seems like Ines is dealing with fake accounts pretending to be her.

She doesn’t go into much detail, but she captioned her photo with, “Guys this is my only account!! Trust only this profile, I don’t have any other.”

This caption was written across a photo where she left little to the imagination in a tiny leopard-print string bikini.

Ines appeared to be relaxing in the shade as she posed, sitting on the floor, leaning against a concrete wall with one hand holding her weight and the other resting on her head.

She looked flawless with her hair pulled back in a low bun and a natural face.

Ines Trocchia shows off her curves in leopard string bikini.
Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Her accessories were minimal, which fit the beach vibe she appeared to be going for.

She wore a thick gold chain around her neck and a matching dangling charm bracelet.

Ines Trocchia’s growing popularity led her to Times Square

Ines’ growing popularity may have led to more fake profiles and catfish, but it has also taken her career to new heights.

You can now see her on a billboard in Times Square, featured in an ad for the fashion magazine, STYLÉCRUZE.

The Italian model showed off her achievement in a post on Instagram, showing off her new billboard to her 1.5 million followers.

She posed in front of her billboard with her pup, captioning it with “Time square baby ❤️.”

In the advertisement, Ines appeared classy in elbow length red gloves and a matching ensemble. Most of her outfit can’t be seen as it’s a cropped image of her face.

She appears to be laying on a couch or bed while resting her head on her hand.

Her curled hair was brushed back off her face, showing off her glam-style makeup and gold hoop earrings.

Ines Trocchia’s Fashion Nova partnership

Like many influencers on Instagram, Ines works with Fashion Nova to promote their products.

While she often shares photos of herself in the brand’s lingerie, bathing suits, and workout gear, she recently went with something different.

Ines looked stunning in Fashion Nova denim Daisy Duke shorts and a light pink 90’s baby crop top.

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