Ines Trocchia stuns in sheer lingerie with a gorgeous, lush view

Ines Trocchia close up
Ines Trocchia sizzles in a sheer black lingerie set. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia is at it again, wowing social media with yet another scorching photo that features her wearing skimpy lingerie while posing in front of a gorgeous backdrop.

The Italian model loves to share beautiful photos on social media, and this latest share is certainly worth taking a moment to enjoy.

In it, the 27-year-old self-proclaimed natural beauty looks stunning in sheer black lingerie. With her brunette hair hanging loose down her back, the stunning model has both hands up and in her hair, pushing her mane away from her face as she lifts her head back just a bit.

This makes her large earrings visible and shows off Ines’ makeup, which is glamorous yet natural with subtle smokey eyes and a nude lip.

A large cross necklace accentuates the model’s long neck and is settled low on her chest, stopping right above the hem of her negligee.

The top of the nightwear is sheer and lacy, with the minimal material just barely covering everything that needs to stay censored. Ines’ midriff is covered in silky black material that shifts back to the sheer lace at her thighs, giving just a peek of skin through the material.

Ines Trocchia in sheer black lingerie
Ines Trocchia dazzles her followers in lacy black lingerie. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia works hard to maintain her model body

Ines Trocchia is in the best possible shape, and it’s not all genetics. In an interview with Namita Nayyer for Women Fitness in 2020, Ines opened up about the work she puts in to stay in model shape, and it’s no surprise that she is putting in the work.

When asked about her workout routine, Ines revealed that she takes time out to exercise daily. “it is important to keep a strict workout routine. Mine is a 30 minutes bodywork every day, focusing on legs and abs. I also love HIIT, and I try to walk as much as possible,” she shared.

But when it comes to food, Ines makes it clear that she loves good food but is mindful of what and when she eats.

“I don’t follow any special diet, I must confess that I love good food, I just focus on eating the right quantity, vary my alimentation and drink a lot of water,” Ines explained. “The only diet I have is before a shooting, the few days before, I try to eat as healthy as possible with a focus on fish and vegetables.”

Ines Trocchia engages her followers while sharing racy photos

While Ines loves to share some of her best photos, which usually involve a bikini or skimpy lingerie, she also enjoys engaging with her followers.

Recently, while sharing a photo of herself wearing a minuscule bikini, she asked her 1.5 million Instagram followers if they had ever traveled to the United States.

Another recent photo shared had Ines showing off her abs in a tiny crop top. Over the top of that photo, she asked her fans and followers about their favorite exercise while training.

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