Ines Trocchia stuns in green cutout dress with high slit with a primate on her lap

Ines Trocchia
Ines Trocchia ‘monkeys around’ in a flattering green dress for a jungle excursion. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Fashion model Ines Trocchia has been enjoying tropical travels recently.

Ines’ social media has featured several posts surrounded by jungle, water, and even animals. 

Ines is known for turning up the heat on her Instagram page with barely-there bikinis and lingerie, but her latest share was about the furry primate on her lap. 

While posing with a monkey on her lap and another monkey on her side, Ines also posed a question to her 1.5 million Instagram followers. 

She also shared a video of her and the monkeys on her TikTok, where she has over 20 thousand followers. 

Ines’ vacay videos are picturesque as she soaks up the sun in colorful summer attire.

Ines Trocchia looks modelesque with a monkey 

Ines took to her Instagram Stories to share her jungle photo.

In the image, Ines looked dewy and fresh-faced while taking a seat in front of a green nature background. 

Her killer curves were visible in her gorgeous green haltered dress with cutouts and a high thigh-baring slit. 

A monkey was plopped down on Ines’ lap as it looked off to the side and placed a hand on Ines’s knee. 

Ines included a poll with the photo, asking her followers, “Have you ever seen monkeys?” With the options, “Yes, so cuteeee,” or “No.”

Ines Trocchia with monkeys
Ines Trocchia takes a monkey poll. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Along with sharing photos from Sebatu Sanctuary in Indonesia on her Instagram Stories, she also shared videos on her main Instagram page and TikTok. 

One of her TikTok videos included the monkey comfortably eating on Ines lap while she posed for the camera. 

A second baby monkey was sitting in the first monkey’s lap, and a third could be seen sitting to the left of Ines, seemingly, minding its own business.

Innes Trocchia share more jungle videos 

In another video, Ines dipped her legs in a stunning pool surrounded by nature. 

Ines wore sunglasses and a vibrant swimsuit with a plunging neckline as she arched her body at the pool’s edge and let her dark tresses hang down. 

A large tray of food, drink, and flowers floated beside her as the camera panned away to show the cloudy blue sky, treetops, and the rest of the vast blue pool.

On Instagram, Ines captioned the post with a tea and pancake emoji, suggesting that the gorgeous view and pool may have been where she had breakfast. She also tagged the brand Fashion Nova. 

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