Ines Trocchia stuns in bronzed out glam

Ines Trocchia served looks
Ines Trocchia served looks in a fashionable blazer with nothing underneath. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia served a fashion win as the Italian beauty has expanded her horizons with a lovely new photoshoot.

The Italian model has appeared in GQ and Maxim and based on her recent posts, she has more collaborations up her sleeve. 

Ines’ popularity has continued to skyrocket, and it isn’t hard to see why. Her social media pages featured her regularly engaging with fans and looking gorgeous in the process.

The latest image, posted on her Instagram Stories, showed the model striking a pose in a chic pantsuit. 

But Ines wasn’t rocking just any pantsuit–this ensemble was the definition of elevated business attire.

For the latest share, Ines looked sharp in a gold-metallic blazer with nothing underneath. 

Ines Trocchia stuns with a daring look

Ines’ blazer had two secured buttons, with Ines’ thumb resting comfortably between the attachments. Ines paired the blazer with high-waisted slacks made from the same thick material.

She tilted her head back slightly and parted her lips, which featured a mauve and glossy shade.

Ines’ signature brown mane had a side part with luscious curls cascading down her back. She donned soft glam makeup with smoky eyes, winged eyeliner, and brow gel.

ines blazer
Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

With her recent share, Ines showed that she looks fabulous in a bikini or in a pantsuit.

ines trocchia blazer
Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

One reason for Ines’ fabulous figure likely has to do with her genetic blessings. But that doesn’t mean the model doesn’t work out or diet.

As Ines revealed in a recent interview, she tried to make sensible food and exercise decisions to promote a healthy figure.

Ines Trocchia talks diet and fitness

Ines revealed that she maintained a fitness plan to stay in shape. She also said she watched her food consumption before a big shoot. Other than that, all bets might be off when Ines has a craving.

After all, the Italian native was born in a country where pasta and freshly baked bread have been staples of the nation’s diet. Accordingly, Ines revealed that she loved to indulge.

Ines spoke with Women Fitness about her fitness regime and dietary choices, both of which were refreshingly simple.

She said, “I don’t follow any special diet, I must confess that I love good food, I just focus on eating the right quantity, vary my alimentation and drink a lot of water.”

Ines does, however, work out daily to maintain her physique.

She revealed that she does 30 minutes of “bodywork” daily, focusing on her abs or legs in an alternating fashion.

Ines continued, “Also, I am true believer that anything we can do naturally to improve ourselves both mentally and physically, we must do it. So having a working out routine is essential.”

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