Ines Trocchia shows off fit figure in tiny shorts

Ines Trocchia posts Instagram selfie.
Ines Trocchia shares a natural selfie with her Instagram fans. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia is at it again, showing off her figure while out and about in what appears to be Rome.

The Italian model and television correspondent loves to share her fashion choices, and this weekend was no different.

Stepping away from her usual lingerie or bikini pics, Ines shared a photo of her in what appears to be her workout gear.

She stepped out in high-waisted pink biker shorts, highlighting her curves and toned legs.

The model paired the shorts with a black crop top, showing off her hard-earned abs.

She accessorized the outfit with a small Louis Vuitton purse and shades.

Ines Trocchia knows how to pose

Ines is famous for posing in photos in ways that best highlight her figure. This picture is no different.

Ines Trocchia shows off her figure is pink biker shorts and a crop top.
Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

The model stepped forward with her left foot and popped her knee to emphasize her curves.

She bent her elbows and placed her hands near her left hip, which allowed her to show off her adorable purse—doing this added motion to the picture, giving off the illusion that she was on the move.

Her hair was tied back in a low ponytail, and her sunglasses mostly covered her face.

She faced away from the camera, ensuring all eyes were on her attire.

While it’s unclear where she was at the time, the background indicates she may have been in Rome.

We can see the classic columns and architecture the city is known for, and it would be a short trip from the model’s hometown of Naples.

Ines Trocchia loves getting feedback from fans

Ines posted the photo of her workout outfit to her Instagram Story for her 1.5 million followers to admire.

The model often uses Instagram’s features to engage with her fans. Sometimes she asks them to rate her outfit, while other times, she asks them for workout tips.

She recently asked her followers in an Instagram Story how old they were. The question was posed on an image of her in a matching blue workout set.

Her fans could choose one of four possible responses: under 18, between 18 and 25, 25 to 35, or over 35.

Going that extra mile and getting her followers to respond to her posts seems to be doing the trick!

Ines is quickly becoming a rising star on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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