Ines Trocchia says ‘Hello’ in bedroom towel selfie

Ines Trocchia sticks out tongue in beach selfie.
Ines Trocchia shows off her figure in beach selfies. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Italian model and television correspondent, Ines Trocchia, said hello to her fans with her latest photo, which left little to the imagination.

She posed in front of a mirror in nothing but a towel, showing off her curves while teasing viewers.

The white towel featured blue stripes, similar to those found in hotels. Ines’ hair is down, pushed back from her face, and resting on her shoulders.

Ines appears to be sitting or leaning on a coffee table and has her phone covering her face.

Behind her, we can make out a flat-screen television resting on a wood stand.

The walls are white and bare, with nothing but a small plant and the model herself adding color to the room.

A tangled mess of cords sat on the floor next to a small table and chair.

Ines Trocchia shows off curves in nothing but a towel.
Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

She captioned the photo with “hello,” always making sure to engage with her 1.5 million followers.

Ines Trocchia loves chatting with fans

Ines frequently asks fans questions and attempts to get to know them through her posts.

Sometimes she offers a simple “hello,” as she did in this case, but her other Instagram Stories have gotten more personal.

In a post where she wore fitted blue biker shorts and a matching sports bra, she asked her fans how old they were, offering several options for followers to choose from.

The model also loves to ask which look people like more, giving them two options to choose from.

She gets feedback on her wardrobe and her fans get to feel closer to her. It’s a win for everyone!

Ines Trocchia shows off her curves for SHEIN partnership

As an ambassador for the fast-fashion brand SHEIN, Ines often shares photos of her wearing their clothes.

While she mostly wears items from the brand’s lingerie and bathing suit sections, her posts come with a discount code that can be used on any order.

In September, the model stunned in a lilac lace bra and panty set which she labeled “romantic.”

While she has been photographed wearing a wide variety of brands, she revealed in a Women Fitness that she’s a big fan of Nike.

She also talked about where her confidence comes from saying, “Self-confidence in your body is really more a mindset.”

Her advice for anyone looking to make changes is to stick to natural solutions. “I am [a] true believer that anything we can do naturally to improve ourselves both mentally and physically, we must do it. So having a working out routine is essential.”

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