Ines Trocchia proves teal is her color in messy bedroom selfie

Ines Trocchia takes selfie on the beach.
Ines Trocchia shows off her figure in a short teal dress. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Fashion model Ines Trocchia posted a good morning selfie for fans Monday.

Ines started her day looking terrific in teal, a color she seems to be a fan of lately.

The Italian model posed with her phone in front of her face to show off her outfit of the day.

In the shot, fans also got a glimpse of her messy bedroom with clothes and boxes piled up in a corner.

The background of the photo may be a bit cluttered, but Ines looked nothing but put together in the morning.

The Italian model included an emoji in the upper corner of her post of a girl holding a cup of coffee to celebrate the start of the new day.

Ines Trocchia is terrific in teal

Ines’s bright dress featured a plunging deep V neckline down to the waist.

Ines Trocchia poses for a blurry mirror pic in a teal v-neck dress.
Ines Trocchia shares a Monday morning mirror selfie in a teal dress. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

The flowy spaghetti strap dress had an adjustable drawstring in the middle. The model let the string around the waist hang loose as she held the short dress together with her fingers.

The brunette beauty had her hair pulled back into a ponytail that hung over her right shoulder. A hint of a smile peeked out from behind her gray phone case.

Ines works out for her mental health

Whether she is in a casual dress in her room or posing for one of her many bathing suit magazine shoots, the model always looks fantastic.

While it is obvious Ines works out to maintain her toned body, the twenty-seven-year-old has previously preached the importance of exercise when it comes to mental health as well.

In an interview with Women’s Fitness, Ines claimed an important part of exercising is establishing a routine. She noted that having a regular routine can often improve mental health as well.

Ines is a big believer in doing things as naturally as possible, and the same goes for working out. Even during the early parts of the pandemic, Ines made sure to work out and go for walks in her home country of Italy whenever possible.

In her Instagram bio, the Italian supermodel even boasts that she is “100% natural.”

It’s clear Ines takes pride in maintaining her physical and mental health, and she certainly looks great doing so.

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