Ines Trocchia poses for photos in gorgeous black corset

Close-up of Ines Trocchia in her car.
Ines Trocchia smiles while sitting in her car. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Being 100% natural generally means someone hasn’t had any cosmetic surgeries or procedures done –– and that’s something Ines Trocchia is proud to claim based on her social media bio.

The model poses in trendy Fashion Nova pieces all the time while showing off her amazing figure in many pictures and videos that she shares.

It doesn’t really matter what she’s wearing or how much coverage she has going on with her clothing choices because she always looks beyond flawless.

In some pictures, Ines is posing in the great outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of plants and nature. In other pics, she’s spending time inside luxurious bedrooms and dining rooms.

The latest content she posted on her Instagram Story shows Ines’ body in perfect lighting, as she potentially prepares for a photo shoot with other people hanging out behind her.

Bikinis are a common staple for Ines, but it isn’t every day that the world gets a chance to see the bombshell wearing sexy lingerie.

Ines Trocchia looks stunning in lacy lingerie

Ines shared two gorgeous videos on her Instagram Story wearing black lingerie in the form of a lacy corset. In the first video, she stood in front of a mirror with her phone for a selfie clip wearing the strapless corset to show off its intricate details and design.

Black lingerie being worn by Ines Trocchia.
Ines Trocchia posing in black lingerie on social media. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

It came together down the center with silver clasps and had a few patches of dark material placed on her hips. In the second video, she sat elegantly on the edge of a chair and asked her followers if they liked corsets with an interactive poll.

Ines Trocchia is a poolside beauty

Ines shared a separate video on social media during the summertime wearing a gorgeous cutout one-piece swimsuit. Since the swimsuit was a bright orange color, it stood out compared to her outdoorsy surroundings.

She sat on the edge of an infinity pool with a backdrop of green trees and bushes behind her. It looked like she was located in some sort of exotic jungle.

Next to her in the water, she had a floating tray of delicious foods, including fruit, coffee, and pita bread. The tray was also covered in decorative flowers for an added note of luxury.

Ines seductively leaned forward next to the platter of food to show off her super flat stomach, curvy waist, toned arms, and sleek legs. She wore her dark brown hair parted to the side and flowing down her back with a simple pair of black sunglasses.

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