Ines Trocchia in skimpy bikini shows jungle views

Italian model Ines Trocchia rocks an orange bikini in the rainforest by a floral bath. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Italian bombshell Ines Trocchia caused a stir in a smoking orange bikini as she turned up the heat. 

The famous social media influencer and popular cover girl threw it back to a scenic time in Southeast Asia with a flower bath surrounded by nature.

She shared the content on her Instagram Story for her 1.5 million followers’ enjoyment.

The toned and trimmed model shared a few photos on her social media, and she wore a bikini in each shot.

The pièce de résistance was a short video with Ines in Bali with a vibrant rainforest in the background.

The clip began with Ines down a short flight of stairs as she soaked up the fresh nature air. 

Ines Trocchia’s bikini body is on another level

The camera zoomed in through a natural archway made of leaves, with Ines on the ledge overlooking a massive rainforest. 

The Maxim model stood against a giant flower pot that resembled a bath, with flower petals covering the interior. 

She wore an orange string bikini with items hanging from the top and bottom strings, including crescent moon shapes and white seashells.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she allowed her lengthy locks to cascade behind her.

Ines rocked her signature thick mane with a side part as it flowed down her back. 

She posed in beautiful Indonesia with lush greenery thriving in a vibrant gorge below her. 

She squeezed the excess water from her hair and twisted her tresses as the camera zoned away from her and into the background.

Ines Trocchia is a modeling unicorn with small town beginnings

Many people become well-known names because of family connections. This assertion is increasingly true with modeling, as Kendall Jenner, Gigi, Bella Hadid, and Kaia Gerber all owe their success to their famous families as nepo-babies.

However, Ines is different.

She spoke to Women Fitness about her journey to fame and small-town beginnings.

She began, “I come from a small town with a humble familial background that had absolutely nothing to do with this industry.”

Ines continued, “Some people might say that big dreams only belong to people who are born in the right place. I do not believe that, anyone can dream really big as long as you are ready to fight and work for it.”

She offered inspiration, “Believe in yourself and do not wait for someone to discover, you are the best manager of yourself.”

Ines is proof that you don’t need a famous family to make it big.

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