Ines Trocchia in blue spandex wants answers

Ines Trocchia
Ines Trocchia sizzled in a spandex outfit. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia stunned in blue spandex as she posed a question to fans.

The Italian beauty loves putting on a show and regularly posts revealing pics while urging feedback from her followers.

For this snap, she wore a blue crop top with a plunging neckline and matching shorts.

The sensational ensemble showcased her curves and toned tanned limbs.

Ines gazed up with her lips parted provocatively and let her long, brown hair tumble over her shoulders.

And she urged her 1.5million Instagram followers to rate the get-up in comparison with others by adding a text box to the pic with the question, “Which look do you prefer?”

Ines Trocchia in spandex
Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines accessorized with a large fabric handbag that she slung over one shoulder, shades, and a gold pendant necklace. Her left arm hung loosely by her side, and her right leg was raised slightly, giving the impression of movement.

Steps and a large black door in the background suggested she was maybe just stepping out from home. And a grand column to her left indicated the Italian was in the majestic setting of one of her home country’s classical cities, such as Rome or Milan.

Ines Trocchia loves getting feedback

Ines likes to fully engage with her fans and is constantly asking them to comment on her photos. She recently urged followers to tell her about their workout routines as she posed in a busty crop top.

For the close-up pic, Ines lay back in the figure-hugging outfit and gold necklace while clutching a dumbbell to her chest.

Quizzing fans, she wrote, “Which is your favorite exercise when training?”

She also recently asked fans, “What are you doing today?” as she lounged on her floor at home.

Ines looked like she had just got out of the pool for the sizzling snap, which saw her resting on one arm in a skimpy bikini while taking a selfie.

Ines Trocchia’s ideal man

With her stunning physique and playful sense of humor, Ines is not short of admirers. But you’ll have to work hard to impress her and be ready to make her laugh.

Ines previously told Maxim, “I don’t have a formula when it comes to dates—they can feel forced. That said, I do love the sea and good food, so a waterfront dinner would fit the bill!”

She added, I love a man with a good sense of humor who makes me comfortable. And a good smile makes me swoon!”

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