Ines Trocchia goes red in paradise

Ines Trocchia close up
Ines Trocchia is radiant in a red swimsuit. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia sizzled in a red hot swimsuit for a tropical selfie.

The fashion model sported a bright red swimsuit that featured several cutouts throughout the design. The fiery red color complemented her radiant complexion and skin.

Ines let her dark locks free, and they flowed in a perfect cascade down her shoulders and back. She opted for minimal makeup and let her features shine with rosy cheeks and a touch of mascara.

The influencer had dark red painted nails to match her swimsuit, and she sent an unwavering gaze toward the camera.

Ines’ surroundings were nearly as lovely as she was, with tropical trees and a blue sky–all of which made a true paradise.

The star’s overall energy was relaxed and happy to soak up the sun.

Ines Trocchia wears a red swimsuit
Ines Trocchia rocks a red swimsuit. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia models for Fashion Nova

Ines is a fashion queen, and she has the modeling skills to prove it. She partners with big-name brands, such as Fashion Nova, and these brands are lucky to have her on board.

The model posed in a light pink crop top that read “90’s Baby” on the bodice. This was paired with teeny jean shorts that cropped at a slant to highlight more of her long and toned legs.

The star was barefoot, which gave the photoshoot an air of carefree energy. She accessorized the look with a silver chain necklace, and her hair flowed in voluminous waves over her shoulders.

Fashion Nova is a huge fashion brand that sells a variety of stylish options like the outfit Ines modeled. The brand was likely happy with the promotion, as the post earned well over 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Ines Trocchia is a sea goddess in a white bikini

Ines also regularly models in Shein swimwear, and she sported the perfect bikini to show off her inner sea goddess.

The brunette beauty looked drop-dead gorgeous in a white bikini with dark blue trimming and shiny gold clasps. She accessorized with a chain necklace, her hair was wet and slicked back, and she wore minimal makeup.

She ascended from a beautiful, blue body of water and looked completely in her element. The water rippled lightly around her, and the sky above her was blue.

Ines included in her caption, “Emerging from the shore.” She went on to give her fans a discount code for 15% off.

The post earned over 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

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