Ines Trocchia goes braless in Bali as ’90s baby’

Italian model Ines Trocchia poses with a classic vehicle in Daisy Dukes and a crop top. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia took a short break from modeling in bikinis to try her hand at other skimpy attire.

She reposted a video from a photographer featuring her working her angles in front of the camera.

The clip featured a sneak peek into Ines’ model life, and it was another day, another scenic location for the small-town girl.

Ines posed in beautiful Bali, Indonesia, where the tropical climate served as a beautiful background to the stunning shots.

The self-proclaimed natural model placed one hand on the vehicle’s hood as she pivoted her hips and posed barefoot. The windshield of the car appropriately said “Bella,” which means beautiful in Italian.

She stuck to her natural title, appearing make-up free in the video.

Ines Trocchia strikes a few poses on a vintage car

Ines’ signature dark locks were in a side part and cascaded down her back.

The sky looked cloudy, but Ines still rocked a sun-kissed glow in the shoot.

She wore a pink crop top and thigh-skimming jeans shorts as she posed with the vintage accessory. She sported a braless look as she struck a few poses.

Ines’ pink crop top read, “90s Baby.”

She paired the crop with high-waisted denim jeans shorts featuring buttons and tattered edges. Ines added an animated pink cat in the top right corner that clapped alongside the video.

Behind Ines, there were palm trees, tiki huts, and stone walls.

Ines Trocchia gives her tip for seduction and ideal date

As a beautiful model, Ines likely doesn’t have to work hard to seduce a partner. While Ines’ cover girl looks probably play a big role in her dating game, she offered a piece of advice about the art of seduction.

Ines told Maxim, “The most powerful weapon of seduction is ‘the glance.’ I believe that nothing more than a glance can convey interest.”

As for a date, a trip to Bali sounds right up her alley. Ines continued, “I don’t have a formula when it comes to dates—they can feel forced. That said, I do love the sea and good food, so a waterfront dinner would fit the bill!”

Looks are not everything to Ines, and she made that point clear when she described what she liked in a man.

She revealed, “I love a man with a good sense of humor who makes me comfortable. And a good smile makes me swoon!”

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