Impact’s Jordynne Grace shows latest workout progress

impact wrestling star jordynne grace shares selfie
Impact Wrestling’s Jordynne Grace shares a ringside selfie. Pic credit: @jordynnegrace/Instagram

Jordynne Grace continues to show fans that she’s put in plenty of work to develop her bodybuilder physique.

In a recent photo share, the former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion took a selfie, lifting her grey sweat-soaked t-shirt enough to show some seriously rock-hard abs.

Grace, 26, also wore a pair of black bikini bottoms in the photo, with her bulging leg muscles another highlight in the selfie. Her accessories were limited, except for a visible ring and thin black bracelet she wore.

She kept her hair braided back and wore primarily white sneakers, possibly featuring some bronze or brown color in the design.

For the image, Grace stood in what appeared to be a home gym setup, with an elliptical machine and stair stepper behind her. Quite possibly, she took the shot after finishing a cardio session.

“Refocus,” she wrote in her Instagram post’s caption, describing her commitment to health and fitness goals.

Jordynne Grace was 2022 Knockout of the Year

Grace has regularly dominated the competition in the wrestling ring and achieved several championships within Impact Wrestling. That included a tag team title reign with Rachael Ellering and two reigns as Impact Knockouts World Champion. Other champs have included Chelsea Green, Gail Kim, and Deonna Purrazzo.

Those two reigns have her ranked fifth in terms of overall time spent holding the championship, with 390 days. Grace’s most recent reign went from June 19, 2022, to January 23, 2023, when Mickie James defeated her.

However, her overall body of work was celebrated, as Impact named her Knockout of the Year in December 2022. That was due to being the first-ever winner of the Queen of the Mountain match and having that extensive title reign.

Jordynne Grace shares workout and diet updates

Getting to the incredible level of fitness that the Impact Wrestling star has achieved takes lots of work at the gym and on cardio. It also requires dedication to one’s diet, depending on the situation.

In another recent Instagram post, Grace described how she’d achieved her recent results. She mentioned that back in December, it was two months after her “first proper cutting phase ever.”

However, she said she didn’t use a technique known as reverse dieting. That’s where once an individual has reduced their daily calories to a certain level, such as 1,200 per day, and has lost weight, they start to consume 50–100 calories per week above their baseline caloric intake.

According to, this continues for about four to 10 weeks and is used rather than the person just going right back to their previous caloric intake or diet.

Grace said she didn’t use the reverse dieting strategy, and it was a “major failure” not to, but she loves food “so much.”

In a more recent update she shared for February 3, 2023, she said she was six weeks into her second cut and “eight weeks out” from her first competition.

“Diet is, for the first time in my life, 100% perfect,” Grace said, adding, “90-110 min of cardio daily + 5 lifting days per week, hot yoga 1x/week, and one rest day.”

jordynne grace caption about workout and diet
Pic credit: @jordynnegrace/Instagram

The above updates from Grace show just how dedicated she is to achieving that bodybuilder physique and really going the extra mile when it comes to competition. It’s no wonder she is a two-time Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion who has dominated many opponents in the ring!

Impact Wrestling airs Thursdays at 8/7c on AXS TV.

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