Impact Wrestling’s Jordynne Grace reveals impressive bodybuilding physique

jordynne grace in selfie for instagram
Pro wrestler Jordynne Grace continues to show fans why she’s among the top talents in Impact Wrestling. Pic credit: @jordynnegrace/Instagram

Impact Wrestling’s Jordynne Grace is powering her way into a new year, as she recently unveiled another stunning set of images to show fans her incredible physique.

The 26-year-old professional wrestler and bodybuilder took to social media, sharing a look at her bikini body, wearing a bold black two-piece that accentuated her muscular frame.

Grace shared two photos in a carousel post, posing in her black bikini inside the gym, suggesting she may have been starting a workout or wrapping one up.

Her broad shoulders, sculpted arms, and massive legs were all highlights in the impressive visuals.

Add Grace’s rock-hard abdominal muscles, visible as she posed with her hands by her side in the first photo.

A second image has the Impact Wrestling star with one hand by her side bikini strap and another with fingers curled, and her thumb extended.

Jordynne Grace reveals impressive physique in bikini

Sharing two images on her official Instagram page, Jordynne Grace also included an inspirational message to go with the motivating images from her hard work.

“The ones who say you can’t are too afraid you will,” she wrote in her caption, adding a slew of tags and hashtags.

Among them, she tagged Impact Wrestling and TuffWraps gear. She provided hashtags including “#healthylifestyle,” “#crossfit,” “#gymmotivation,” and “#instagood.”

The images show the impressive results of Grace’s hard work, which includes lifting lots of heavy weights in the gym, using dumbbells, barbells, and various machines as part of her routine.

Jordynne Grace shares workout footage regularly

Grace, real name Patricia Forrest Parker, has made an impact within the pro wrestling world, working with Impact Wrestling since 2018. She’s the current Knockouts Champion in her second reign. Much of her success within pro wrestling lends itself to her hard work at the gym as a bodybuilding enthusiast. 

She regularly includes photos and videos from her training sessions on her social media pages. That included a December 2022 Twitter post in which she showed off some bench presses with what appears to be 180 lbs. of weight on a barbell.

“This was extremely heavy,” she remarked, adding a crying laughing emoji to the tweet.

In an Instagram video share ahead of the bikini photos mentioned above, Grace works on her arms, pulling heavy weight on a machine using a rope attachment. In the clip, she stands facing away from the machine, pulling the rope attached to the machine from between her legs and bringing it above her chest.

Grace lists herself as a personal trainer and fitness model in her hashtags, which makes sense. The 26-year-old Impact Wrestling star showcases an impressive physique that many others would want, and she has plenty of insight into how to achieve it.

Impact Wrestling airs Thursdays at 8/7c on AXS TV.

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Your beautiful to the Capital T it’s referring to your body very cute wouldn’t mind if you come beat me up know it’s bout the wrestling but to me your the recipe never without Grace I know that especially girl you the only thing