Ilomilo: What is the game Billie Eilish loved as a child?

Ilomilo: What is the game Billie Eilish loved as a child?
Billie Eilish loved the game Ilomilo as a child. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/AdMedia

It seems almost strange to see Billie Eilish talking about her love of the game Ilomilo.

Pop star Billie Eilish has developed a reputation as a brooding artist, despite being a 17-year-old who already has an album certified platinum in Canada and New Zealand and gold in the United States and Britain.

However, her intense joy when talking about Ilomilo in a recent interview is something to behold. The reason for the Billie Eilish interview is because the song Ilomilo — about the fear of separation — features on her upcoming debut album.

Billie Eilish talks Ilomilo

“I loved Ilomilo. That was like my favorite game in the world,” Eilish said before asking the interviewer if he knew what the game was.

She explained:

“It’s this game where there’s these two little boo-boos … they are so cute. They are these two little creatures, one is named Ilo and the other is named Milo. It is this sort of anti-gravity world where there is all these little blocks.

“They start apart from each other and the idea is to get to each other. When they get to each other, they just hug and do this little dance. That is the whole game. There is no prize. You just get to each other.

“So, the whole idea is the game is just losing the person you love and then finding them again. It’s so cute!”

Here is a trailer for the Ilomilo game.

What is Ilomilo?

Ilomilo is a puzzle game released by Southend Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios. It hit the Windows Phone 7 in 2010 exclusively for AT&T customers. Later it was added to Xbox Live Arcade in 2011 and then the Xbox One in 2017.

There are 49 levels in the game and the entire purpose is to reunite Ilo and Milo, who must work together to meet, with the players able to switch between the two characters.

The plot is simple. Ilo and Milo become friends and every time they return to the park to see each other, it becomes more complicated to work through to get to one another.

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