Iggy Azalea soars sky high in her big red boots

Iggy Azalea close up
Iggy Azalea rides in style as she walks out of the plane in her bright red fit. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Iggy Azalea has certainly proved that she isn’t afraid to make a statement, even if it’s something as silly as jumping on the bandwagon of a new trend.

The 32-year-old rapper took her style to new heights as she was captured wearing a pair of big red boots.

However, these aren’t just ordinary boots. During a recent basketball game, famous producer Diplo was spotted in the front row as he was captured wearing the same cartoon-like boots.

Iggy, who was seated only a couple of spots down from him, took note of these funny boots as she later bought herself a pair.

Even more so, the internet became obsessed with the big red boots as social media was shortly flooded with endless boot pictures.

In typical Iggy fashion, the Australian beauty took advantage of her new trendy boots and further snapped some stellar shots as she rode on her private jet.

Iggy Azalea takes a ride on the wild side in her big boots

The rapper decided to take to Instagram with the mesmerizing shots, as she looked more fierce than ever in her bright red fit.

In the first slide, Iggy was captured getting out of the plane as she rested her hand on the top of the opened door.

She was seen in a bright white, long-sleeved cropped top and paired it with some cheeky, bright red bottoms. The red lingerie looked beautiful on Iggy as it accentuated her beautiful, hourglass figure.

Last, but certainly not least, the rapper coordinated the fit with her goofy-looking boots. However, even though the red boots have a cartoonish-like look to them, the blonde beauty still managed to pull them off, looking effortlessly beautiful while doing so.

In the second slide, Iggy decided to take her boots off and set them on the stairs of the plane, to get a close-up shot of the boots. One boot was further flipped on its side and it spelled out Iggy along the bottom.

If anyone can pull off a silly trend like this, Iggy is certainly the woman for the job.

She captioned the post, “Big red boots for a big boss b**** @Mschf.”

Steal The Style

Get the big red boot look like Iggy

Amalfi wedge second skin boots by Simmi London


We really can’t escape the big red boots by MSCHF, they’re everywhere we look! Iggy has fallen victim to the BRBs (which we’ll now call them), and if you want to get in on the action, you’ll be pressed to find the originals. So, we hunted for some BRB dupes so you can steal Iggy’s (and everyone else’s) style.

These wedge second skin boots by Simmi are just the thing – they will give you cartoon vibes for a fraction of the price. Stomp around in these and you’ll be sure to turn heads on the street.

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Iggy Azalea launched her Totally Plastic makeup line

In another post, Iggy previously announced that she had teamed up with BH Cosmetics to launch her very own makeup line called Totally Plastic.

Totally Plastic is an exclusive and very limited collection that features a variety of pretty eyeshadow palettes.

All of the palettes incorporate different themes that feature a handful of long-lasting, shimmery colors.

For this short clip that Iggy posted, the artist shared some special BTS footage of the packaging process as they got ready to ship out thousands of stunning palettes to her beloved fans.

The clip also included a close-up of all the unique, shimmery boxes that were getting prepared and ready to send out to their new homes.

Iggy further added one of her songs over the clip to give the video some upbeat energy while her fans patiently waited for the products.

The caption read, “Boss things! 💕 Who’s buying the totally plastic collection online? Who’s gonna check it out at Ulta in person? I’m gonna go see it in the store cause I’m so happy and excited my idea is now reality… but it still feels like a dream so going to see it will be my “pinch me” moment 😊 @bhcosmetics.”

As of now, the rapper’s exclusive line has been sold out of many name-brand stores. However, fans should follow Iggy on Instagram to keep up to date with future launches and releases.

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