Iggy Azalea jiggles her derrière in a cut-out green bodysuit for a twerk dance

Iggy Azalea on the red carpet
Iggy Azalea at the Fashion Nova x Cardi B launch. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Iggy Azalea proves she still has the moves as she twerks in a see-through, green bodysuit.

The Australian rapper released her third album last year and recently hit the stage as the crowd went crazy when she started twerking.

Azalea is known for her eye-popping curves and isn’t shy about flaunting them.

Iggy Azalea drops into a twerk in a bodysuit

Iggy dropped it low as she shook her booty in a cut-out, green body suit before going on stage in an Instagram video.

In the follow-up clip, the crowd goes wild while she shakes her hips in the sultry outfit.

The Aussie rapper had her curly blonde hair flowing down to her hips.

The rapper and Instagram model stunned in a stylish blue dress that highlighted her perfect hourglass figure.

Iggy Azalea rocked bodycon ‘naked’ dress for her birthday and looks as though it was painted on her at first glance.

The Aussie stunner credited fashion designer Sergio Castaño Peña for the three-strap dress, which features different shades of red. The detailed dress creates a gorgeous optical illusion, thanks to her jaw-dropping physique.

In late 2018, Iggy Azalea began dating American rapper Playboi Carti. After reportedly splitting in December 2019, she welcomed their first child together the following year in June.

Azalea later announced on social media that she had given birth to a son named Onyx.

Iggy Azalea celebrated turning 32

Iggy shared an Instagram post about her Birthday with several photos, videos, and a message about the future.

“Honestly I was feeling down this morning on my birthday. Notttt because I’m 32, I love being a grown ass woman so much!” she wrote continuing:

Iggy Azalea Instagram
Pic credit: @thenewclassic/Instagram

“But because part of that means knowing when to remove yourself from situations that aren’t adding value to your life….Andddd that’s hard as F**k sometimes!”

The singer then went on to make a birthday goal to focus on herself in the Instagram statement.

iggy instagram
Pic credit: @thenewclassic/Instagram

“But this year, I’m betting on me more than ever. Betting that any space I clear, is only to welcome deserving things & people into my world. I know if I do that… I’ll always be happy! and guess what? Some of my friends came over, everything shifted back into focus & we had a great afternoon ? Anyhow! Thanks for all your birthday wishes – you guys are the sweetest ?‍♀️?”

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