Iggy Azalea is in recharge mode for a tan

Iggy Azalea red carpet
Iggy Azalea poses in a bikini. Pic credit: ©

Iggy Azalea looked stunning as she relaxed in a bikini to get some sun.

The rapper is known for her curvy physique and posed for two photos in a tiny pink bikini. She wore a triangle bikini top and matching bottoms, accessorizing the look with color-coordinated sunglasses for a hot pink ensemble.

In the first snap, she showed her side profile as she sat on a chair on a high-rise balcony. 

Iggy put her hands behind her head for a pose in the second photo, in which she used a black-and-white filter. 

She had a stunning view of the ocean as a backdrop in the Instagram share. 

The Fancy rapper, who recently went on tour with Pitbull, wrote in the caption, “Recharge Mode. ?.”

Iggy Azalea’s diet and workout routine for her ‘slim thick’ physique

While Iggy has confessed to having some cosmetic surgery, the rapper keeps curvy and toned with a strict diet. 

She doesn’t share her workouts or eating habits online but has made some comments about her lifestyle. 

A source told Hollywood Life that the beauty removed processed foods from her diet and went for a low-carb diet. 

In a 2017 interview quoted by the outlet, Iggy said she works on her small waist by adhering to a strict diet. 

The rap artist also works out several times a week to keep toned with exercises such as squats and lunges. She also enjoys cheat days when she indulges in her favorite treats.

Despite her stunning physique, she’s also faced body shaming on social media, according to the Daily Mail

A follower commented on one of her IG posts claiming she was “gaining weight” but still looked “fab.” 

However, Iggy took offense, responding, “Why do I have to be gaining weight because I want to post a few selfies? The obsession with my body you guys have is unhealthy.”

Iggy Azalea gives an update on her new album

Iggy has shared an exciting update about her upcoming album, Hotter Than Hell

She shared a photo on her Instagram account in which she posed in a studio with producers as she worked on the new project. 

In the caption, she expressed her excitement about legendary producer Trick Stewart working on her new album. 

She added that her new music is filled with magic before thanking Stewart, his production team, and others who helped bring the project to life. 

Iggy is yet to release an official or promotional single for the album. 

The 32-year-old released her third album, The End of an Era, in 2021, and she returned to touring last year with Pitbull, which ended in October. 

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