i_o death: Tributes pour in after EDM producer Garrett Lockhart dies, cause of death not yet known

Garrett Lockhart
EDM music star Garrett Lockhart has passed away at the age of 30. Pic credit: @i_oofficial/Instagram

Garrett Falls Lockhart, an EDM DJ, producer, and artist, known to his fans as i_o, has passed away.

Lockhart,  a rising talent in the EDM music scene, passed away on Monday, November 23, at the age of 30.

Lockhart’s social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter, broke the tragic news of his death yesterday, November 24.

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“On Monday, the world lost a beautiful soul, Garrett Falls Lockhart, also known as i_O,” his Instagram account announced.

“This extremely talented spirit has taught us that even if nothing matters, you can still lead with love,” the message continued. “Garrett’s truth and soul lives through lives through the music he shared.”

“Rest in peace, Garrett. We love you.”

Garrett Falls Lockhart Instagram
Pic credit: i_oofficial/Instagram

Garrett Lockhart’s cause of death

Garrett Lockhart’s cause of death was not immediately revealed. But some fans believed he might have had a premonition of his death after he posted a reflective message on Instagram a week ago.

“do u ever question ur life?” he asked.


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A post shared by i_o (@i_oofficial)

Earlier on September 9, he posted a message, saying he hadn’t been ok for a while.

“Am I ok? Is anyone ok? I haven’t been ok for a while,” he tweeted.

Garrett Lockhart death: Tributes pour in on Twitter

News of Lockhart’s death spread quickly on Twitter following the announcements on his social media pages. Fans took to the social media platform to mourn.

“Part of me died today. I_o, Garrett Falls Lockhart. love you. See you in the mountains one day,” a mourning fan tweeted.


“RIP DJ i_o, Garrett Falls Lockhart. His legacy will live on,” another tweeted.

“Garrett my dude. I had some awesome times with you man. I hope you’re resting well. Say hello to cookie for me,” tweeted fellow EDM DJ FuntCase.

Who was Garrett Falls Lockhart, aka i_o?

Garrett Falls Lockhart, aka i_o, is an EDM DJ, artist, and producer from Washington D.C. He broke into the Techno music scene in 2017.

He is known for his Grimes collaboration, Violence (2019), from the album Miss Anthropocene.

He is also known for several EPs and singles, including Let Me Go, Another Level, and  Sensation.

Garrett died on Monday after he released a new single,  Castles In The Sky.

He released the music video for Castles In The Sky on November 2o.

Lockhart’s death comes after Tony Lewis, Outfield’s lead singer and bassist, died unexpectedly in October at the age of 62.

We also reported that Saint Dog (Steven Thronson), Kottonmouth Kings rapper, died at the age of 44.

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i_o fan
i_o fan
3 years ago

The “do u question your life” post is song lyrics from the castles in the sky song.