“I love grapes’: What was Post Malone going on about in his 2019 AMAs speech?

Post Malone at the 2019 AMAz
Post Malone wants fans to know that he loves grapes. Pic credit: ABC.

Post Malone ended his acceptance speech at the 2019 American Music Awards (AMAs) last night with “I love grapes.” The rapper’s seemingly random closing remark after accepting the award for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album for his Hollywood’s Bleeding left many fans scratching their heads.

What was Malone talking about? Was he only shouting out his favorite fruit to the world, or was it a cryptic reference to something or someone – his sweetheart, for instance?

The 24-year-old rapper as clearly excited when he took to the stage to accept the award and he was quick to admit that he wasn’t particularly good at talking in front of people. However, his speech struck his fans as heartfelt.

“Honestly, words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for everything…  that y’all show me,” he said. “I just wanna say… thank you for all the fans for showing love and support. We busted our a** for it.”

But at the end of his statement, he made a reference to grapes that immediately set Twitter abuzz.

“We love you very much,” he said, “and I love grapes.”

Post Malone’s declaration that he loved grapes became an instant meme on social media. Some fans also inquired and debated what Malone meant by “grapes.”

What did Malone mean by “I love grapes”?

Post Malone’s reference to grapes might have been a random thought that occurred him at the time. It could also have been a private joke or a cryptic reference to something or someone, such as his girlfriend.

According to Variety, Post Malone’s statement about grapes was actually tied to catering at the AMAs. They report that when Post first came to his dressing room, he saw the grapes among the other food options and exclaimed, “I love grapes!”

He is said to have been repeating that line during his acceptance speech, apparently letting everyone know what his snack of choice was.

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