HunterGirl stuns in thigh-skimming skirt with guitar

HunterGirl poses for a selfie on American Idol
HunterGirl looked stunning in a leather jacket and miniskirt while holding her guitar. Pic credit: @huntergirlmusic/Instagram

HunterGirl stunned as she donned a leather jacket, boots, and miniskirt to promote her new song.

The 24-year-old country singer’s real name is Hunter Wolkonowski, though she goes by the stage name HunterGirl. She has been making big strides in her music career since she appeared in Season 20 of American Idol.

She recently released her debut single Hometown Out of Me. She accompanied the announcement of its release with a stunning photo.

HunterGirl dazzled in the photo as she sat in a chair with her legs crossed and held her guitar in front of her. Her fingers loosely grazed the guitar strings as she smiled at the camera.

For the photo, she wore a personalized, bejeweled leather jacket with numerous flower patches on it. She paired the jacket with a black, thigh-skimming miniskirt that showed off her flawless legs.

She finished her look with a gorgeous pair of black combat boots with multiple buckles on top of them.

HunterGirl stunned for special announcement

HunterGirl looked stunning in her black get-up, with her golden locks in waves reaching to her shoulders. Meanwhile, she had a good reason for her stunning attire.

As she explained in the caption, Hometown Out of Me was officially released to the world on October 21, 2022. She explained the song is available on all streaming platforms and urged her fans to buy or stream it.

HunterGirl has had a bit of a whirlwind rise to fame that started when she appeared on the singing competition, American Idol. Upon her audition for the competition, HunterGirl received a coveted platinum ticket which the judges issued once per city to pinpoint the singers they felt were special.

HunterGirl was special, indeed, as she advanced through the competition rapidly.

Eventually, the only two contestants left were HunterGirl and Noah Thompson. Ultimately, HunterGirl’s fellow country singer and competitor, Thompson, won the competition.

However, as an American Idol runner-up, HunterGirl is on the fast track to becoming a country star. Now that she has released her debut track, Hometown Out of Me, her music career will likely keep growing exponentially.

HunterGirl on personal song Hometown Out of Me

HunterGirl’s debut track, Hometown Out of Me, is a deeply personal song. The song was made in honor of her little hometown of Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee.

In an interview with Digital Journal, HunterGirl explained she was inspired to write the song during her first weekend back in her hometown after American Idol. While at a grocery store, she was touched to see her hometown had bought ads in the local newspaper to congratulate and cheer her on.

It was quite an emotional experience for HunterGirl to realize her entire hometown had her back. She stated, “I was trying not to cry in the supermarket because it was so sweet, and my mom was picking them up in her arms saying, ‘…your Nana is getting one, your cousin, your aunt..’ It was such a cool moment.”

By the time she returned to Nashville to continue her music career, she knew her first song had to be for her hometown.

HunterGirl’s single is a sweet homage to her hometown and, in turn, her roots and childhood. She topped off the nostalgic theme with a photo of her younger self on the cover of the single and an official music video filled with heartwarming home video clips.

Her heartfelt homage to her hometown is just the beginning of her career as she continues to ride the waves of her American Idol fame.

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