Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke Hogan sports string bikini for relatable message about working out

brooke hogan at 2018 CMT Music Awards
Brooke Hogan looked incredible in a bikini as she shared a message about her fitness struggles. Pic credit: © Farr/AdMedia

Brooke Hogan joked she felt that “big swimsuit energy” as she shared a stunning photo of herself rocking a string bikini while sharing a message about the struggles of keeping to a strict workout and diet.

The 35-year-old, who is Hulk Hogan’s daughter, posted a mirror selfie wearing a vivid green textured bikini with her hair tied into a ponytail and phone in front of her face to capture the shot.

The image appeared to have been taken inside the gym or fitness club bathroom, with mirrors, towels, and other items nearby.

“One workout and its big swimsuit energy around here all of a sudden,” she wrote, adding that she just had excellent light in the location.

Brooke looked fantastic and commented about the perils of trying to stay in shape while running a business and dealing with a generally busy life.

“Building a business is HARD. Eating right and getting workouts on top of it feels nearly impossible when you’ve already been tired for years and sun up to sun down you are faced with work that seems to have a pile on effect. There’s never enough hours in the day it seems,” Brooke said in her caption.

Brooke Hogan shares her struggles with staying in shape

In her caption, Brooke asked whether the discipline ever comes back that she used to have for working out twice a day at the gym and constantly eating chicken and broccoli on a strict diet.

“Im feeling liiiiike no? So now it’s a new phase of life, new fitness journey,” she said, answering her own question.

She mentioned that years of weight training have helped her maintain “some sort of shape” when she hasn’t eaten right or worked out in a while. However, she has other concerns, adding, “what bothers me is I can feel it in my bones.”

“I used to be strong like bull. Now im weak sauce. Im not even concerned with weight, I just wanna be strong again!!!! Im on my way, slowly but surely! One less chip with queso… and one more deadlift at a time,” she wrote.

Her latest post collected over 33,000 likes and 1,000-plus comments as various admirers provided feedback about her message and look. The love and support were mainly positive for the 35-year-old former reality TV star and singer.

Brooke Hogan has shifted from entertainer to entrepreneur

Before moving into other career ventures, Brooke gained early fame alongside her famous father, brother, and mother in the reality TV series Hogan Knows Best and later Brooke Knows Best.

That included select movie roles, appearances in a few professional wrestling segments or storylines, and her music career, to which she may still have more to contribute.

In recent years, her focus shifted to her business, which is BB Designs By Brooke. Its official Instagram page indicates they offer services as a realtor and design firm.

“Specializing in fast and easy renovations and the hottest STR & residential design!” the IG bio states.

Based on an Instagram post on her brand’s page (below), Brooke had a “secret passion for interior design,” which led to her starting BB Designs in Nashville, Tennessee.

“BB offers specialty interior design planning specific to AirBnB requirements, and provides assistance every step of the way – from tasks leading up to your closing, to listing your stunning property. In addition, BB specializes in high-end residential decor, home organization, and event planning,” the IG post indicates.

According to the BB Designs website, her Nashville-based interior design firm was founded in 2018 and provides services for the southeastern region of the United States.

As Brooke continues to follow her passion, she appears to be happy with where she’s at and isn’t necessarily letting her fitness concerns get in the way of her success.

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