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How old is Kate Gosselin on Kate Plus Date?

Kate Gosselin on Kate Plus Date.
Kate Gosselin is trying her hand at love. Pic credit: TLC

Kate Gosselin has become a household name since she debuted on Jon & Kate Plus 8 back in 2007. There were specials that aired on Discovery Health prior to the big reality television deal — but being on TLC helped to make her a household name.

Now, Kate Gosselin is currently airing on Kate Plus Date. She is trying to find a match for her after being divorced since 2009. The road hasn’t been easy for Gosselin but she has managed to raise her eight children.

Viewers who have been watching Kate Plus Date have wondered how old the pretty blonde is as she is searching for her next relationship. Kate Gosselin was born in 1975, and she is currently 44 years old. She has worked hard to maintain her youth and it appears to be working.

Life has thrown many curveballs at Kate Gosselin. She was married to Jon Gosselin for 10 years and once they added twins and a set of sextuplets, things got even crazier. The situation put a strain on their marriage and, since then, their split has played out in the public eye.

Over the years, Kate Gosselin has gotten a lot of names hurled her way. Accusations come and go and there was a long and drawn-out custody battle. For her part, Kate has remained somewhat reserved in the public eye. However, she chose to continue her TLC show after divorcing Jon and the title was changed to Kate Plus 8.

As she navigates dating with her children getting older, there is a lot on Kate Gosselin’s plate. She is putting herself out there and viewers are intrigued by her once again.

Kate Plus Date airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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