How old are Bill Klein and Jen Arnold from The Little Couple?

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein from The Little Couple.
Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are back with a new season. Pic credit: TLC

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have been starring in The Little Couple since 2009. Viewers have watched as the family has grown leaps and bounds, with plenty of changes thrown into the mix. Things haven’t always been easy for Klein and Arnold, but they have made things work.

A brand new season of The Little Couple began earlier this month. Bill Klein and Jen Arnold are currently settling into their new lives in Florida. Their move with Zoey and Will hasn’t been easy but they are adjusting well. The move came as a result of Arnold taking a job at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

Currently, Jen Arnold is facing a health crisis. She will have to undergo hip surgery, which has been stressful for Bill Klein as well. Arnold’s hip is in dire straits and needs to be addressed. This will be the 35th surgery for the reality star, something that has weighed heavily on both her and Bill Klein.

How old are Bill Klein and Jen Arnold?

Right now, Jen Arnold is just a smidge older than her husband, Bill Klein. Both stars of The Little Couple were born in 1974 so for most of the year, they are the same age. Arnold’s birth is in March and Klein’s is in October. Currently, Jen is 45 and Bill is 44.

What are Zoey and Will up to?

Both Zoey and Will have been adjusting to life in Florida. They both have an interest in their heritage, which has allowed Jen Arnold and Bill Klein to learn about things they can share with their children.

Zoey is interested in Bollywood dancing and has been taking classes. Will has been obsessed with all things from China and Chinese culture for a while now. He joined boy scouts and is living as much of a normal life as possible.

The Little Couple airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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