How many times has Paris Hilton been engaged?

Paris Hilton in the I Need You music video
Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka called it quits, leading many to ask what might happen with her huge engagement ring? Pic credit: Paris Hilton/YouTube

Paris Hilton called off her engagement to Chris Zylka and now everyone has questions. Many want to know why, after two years, did Paris and Chris suddenly split while others have been curious about what might happen with that $2 million dollar ring.

While everyone is mulling over Paris Hilton’s latest breakup, we’re here to remind you that this isn’t the first time she’s been engaged. Or the second!

It looks like the third time isn’t a charm for Paris since that would have been this latest engagement to Chris Zylka. But who was she engaged to before?

Paris Hilton has been romantically linked to quite a few men over the years so it shouldn’t shock anyone that she’s been engaged a few times.

She’s dated a few high profile entertainers including Benji Madden from Good Charlotte and The Hills star Doug Reinhard. Paris even dated Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys but she seems to settle down (temporarily) with those who aren’t nearly as famous as she is.

Hilton’s first engagement came in 2002 and her first fiance’s name was Jason Shaw. He was a model but wasn’t nearly as famous as she was. Paris and Jason’s engagement lasted just about a year before she called it all off in 2003.

The pair ended up reuniting in 2010. Paris admitted that she was dating her ex again and even admitted that she loves him to Ellen DeGeneres after trying to pretend she was still single.

Obviously, Paris Hilton and Jason Shaw didn’t last the second time around either. It’s easy to see why she went back for seconds though. Jason moved on from modeling to flipping houses and it’s shocking that he doesn’t have his own show because he’s still smoking hot!

In 2005, Paris Hilton said yes again. This time around, she got engaged to a man with the same name, Paris Latsis, the Greek shipping heir. Being 25 years old at the time of this engagement, many thought that maybe this would be the one to settle Paris down but that’s not how things went.

It turned out that Paris and Paris would be very short-lived. He proposed in May 2005 and the couple split that same October.

With three broken engagements under her belt, some wonder if the 37-year-old will ever settle down and tie the knot. Paris Hilton’s explanation for leaving Chris Zylka is that he just wasn’t the right man for her and she’s obviously waiting to find the perfect match.

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