Hoda Kotb gives update on Al Roker after his return to hospital

Al Roker attends the Hallmark TCA Summer 2018 Party
The Today Show host, Hoda Kotb, gave an update on Al Roker after his return to the hospital. Pic credit: ©

Al Roker’s The Today Show colleague, Hoda Kotb, gave an update on the weatherman’s health after it was revealed he was back in the hospital.

She reiterated that Roker was receiving good care and was in good spirits after returning to the hospital on November 25, one day after he was released from a previous stay.

Kotb addressed Roker’s health during The Today Show on December 1. She acknowledged that Roker has been absent from The Today Show for an extended period and also missed the Rockefeller Center’s annual tree lighting.

She confirmed that he was back in the hospital after suffering some “complications.” She did not clarify if the complications were connected to the blood clots he suffered, which caused his previous hospital stay.

Kotb assured viewers that Roker was resting and receiving good care. She also stated that the doctors were “keeping a close eye on him.”

Though Roker missed the Christmas tree lighting on November 30, Kotb revealed that she and her co-hosts FaceTimed him during the event. He reportedly gave them a thumbs-up during the call.

Kotb concluded by adding that Roker and his family were grateful for the love and well wishes they had received.

Al Roker returned to hospital after Thanksgiving

Roker had initially been released from the hospital on Thanksgiving day after a stay for treatment of blood clots. However, he was reportedly rushed back to the hospital the next day.

His family did not address his return publicly. However, witnesses reported seeing Roker taken back to the hospital via ambulance.

His wife, Deborah Roberts, was frantically attempting to follow him to the hospital. However, the couple’s Tesla had reportedly malfunctioned, and she could not unlock it to retrieve her belongings.

Several neighbors tried to assist her in breaking the car window, but she ultimately departed without her belongings. She reportedly took a taxi to the hospital.

Insiders stated that Roker wasn’t in good condition when the emergency services arrived at his home but that he began to improve at the hospital.

Both insiders and Kotb have confirmed that his family has been at his side and is grateful for the support.

Roker’s initial hospitalization for blood clots

Roker has now been absent from The Today Show for several weeks. He is most well-known for being the show’s weekday weatherman.

He first addressed his absence on November 18 and revealed he had been admitted to the hospital the prior week after suffering a blood clot in his leg that traveled to his lungs. However, he assured his followers that he was on the road to recovery.

The following week Roker missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in 27 years due to still being hospitalized. However, not long after his colleagues explained his absence, he took to social media to reveal he had been released from the hospital.

He filmed a video of himself walking down the hospital corridor to the exit and later confirmed that he had made it home in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Unfortunately, he returned to the hospital the next day and subsequently also missed the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting.

Aside from Kotb’s statement that Roker had suffered “complications,” it is unclear what caused his rehospitalization or whether it was continued effects from the blood clots.

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