Hot Costco dad is the internet’s favorite new crush

Costco Dad
The hot Costco Dad is taking the internet by storm. Pic credit: @tjmusto/Twitter

While the internet refers to him as the hot Costco Dad, his name is actually Tom Musto. Musto is making headlines this week after he went on a trip to Costco and learned why everyone loves to shop there.

One of his children posted a video of his father’s reaction after telling his family the amazing deals he found there, including buying lots of sausage for $8.

In the video, Tom is enthusiastic about his purchases, including paying $9 for a huge bag of pistachios, which he said he would normally pay $12.50 for.

The video ends with Tom even more excited.

“Stephanie said she’s getting me a Costco’s card for my birthday.”

You can see the adorable video below.

TJ is the son who filmed his father in his moment of happiness, saying it was his dad’s friend Stephanie who brought him to the wholesaler.

TJ adds that his father usually throws big dinners to end the weekend, but always bought his groceries at the local store.

“He called me when he was there and said, ‘TJ, have you ever heard of Costco?'” TJ revealed through Twitter DMs with Mashable. “I laughed and said ‘Yes Dad, everyone’s heard of Costco.'”

The internet is falling in love with Tom because of his honest excitement over Costco as well as the fact that a lot of people think he’s hot.

Luckily for those users, Tom is single.

“He’s newly single so I’m always trying to up his confidence,” TJ shared. “He loves it, even though he’s trying to downplay it all. He’s real humble.”

TJ reveals he’s happy that the internet was so quick to accept Tom, as it can quickly become a negative place.

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