Holly Sonders gives a special thanks to her surgeon

Holly Sonders selfie
Holly Sonders stuns in see-through dress. Pic credit: holly.sonders/Instagram

Holly Sonders is not one to shy away from talking about plastic surgery. The television host is due for another cosmetic enhancement and decided to write a sweet letter to her surgeon before the big day. 

She took the time to celebrate her insane curves by thanking her plastic surgeon, Christopher Khorsandi. 

She wrote, “Thank you @docvegas for giving me one of the most feminine yet tightest bodies possible. Tomorrow, we go back to work together creating even more curves. Thank you for your friendship and unparalleled eye for beauty.” 

The social media star was photographed sprawled on the couch wearing a dress that left little to the imagination. She had on a navy blue minidress that was made entirely from fringes.  

With the eye-catching outfit, she did not bother adding accessories.  

Holly let her gorgeous brown hair flow behind her, so fans could see her beautiful makeup. She wore neutral eyeshadow with pink lip gloss for an effortlessly glamorous look.  

Holly Sonders helps her male fans with Get Masculen 

Holly Sonders has many talents, including being a model, golfer, and overall personality. However, she decided to take on a new business venture with legendary boxer and boyfriend Oscar De La Hoya. The couple came together to create Get Masculen, a supplement brand for men.  

According to the website, the goal is to give men high-quality supplements that would have them look and feel better than they ever had.  

Masculen aims to use all-natural science-backed ingredients and claims, “Masculen is made for men, by men. We know what it takes to crush your goals, and also the challenges that hold you back – our supplements help you overcome them.”

They launched five supplements that are sold from $51-$87.  

Holly Sonders stuns for Valentine’s Day in skintight vinyl  

Holly Sonders was the center of attention this Valentine’s Day.

The pro-golfer posed in a gorgeous boxing ring that was covered with flowers. The ring seemed to be an homage to her boyfriend, Oscar, who was a former boxing champion and is now a promoter. Oscar is also a former partner of reality TV star Shanna Moakler.

For her caption, Holly wrote a touching tribute for her Valentine, “Happy Valentines to my dream man who happens to be a Mexican boxer from East LA. You met your match in a little white girl from Ohio.”

She wore a black vinyl minidress that clung to her curves and showed off her toned legs. She paired it with matching stiletto heels that added to her 5’8 frame.  

Holly wore her gorgeous hair down and let it fall down her back in light waves. Her makeup looked amazing as well, with dark smokey eyeshadow and nude lipstick.  

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