Holly Ramsay shares what it takes for her to sing karaoke

Holly Ramsay poses for pic taken by her dad Gordon Ramsay
Holly Ramsay enjoyed some down-time with family at the beach. Pic credit: @hollyramsayy/Instagram

Holly Ramsay appeared to be reveling in some downtime alongside her sister as she soaked up tropical rays and took a turn at karaoke.

The 23-year-old daughter of famed chef Gordon Ramsay looked healthier than ever over two years after getting sober as she relaxed in an unknown, tropical locale.

Kicking things off with a pose in a knitted cover-up and a bright pink bikini top underneath, Holly stunned with a mostly-make-up-free look, leaving just her eyelashes highlighted with mascara.

Lush green trees decorated the background and hints of blue sky could be seen in between the breaks in the canopy.

“I only do karaoke if 1. It’s with @tillyramsay. 2. It must be Spice Girls ??” she captioned the series and her second shot gave proof to her statement, with the podcaster belting it out with her sister to the Spice Girls’ song If You Wanna Be My Lover.

The adorable siblings could barely contain themselves as they stood back-to-back and shimmied their hips while doing their best to croon to the smash 90s hit, both girls doubling over in fits of giggles at their attempt.

Holly Ramsay poses in a bikini, shows off incredible beach sunset

Following Holly’s fun video clip, the young blonde threw in another swimsuit snap to show a bit more of her stunning surroundings.

Holly stood near the ocean, seemingly at sunset, as the coloration of the sky contained brilliant hues of oranges and yellows.

A red bandana with paisley prints covered the top of her head while the rest of her locks were left loose behind her neck. A couple of wispy strands remained untucked from the bandana’s rim and Holly reached up to brush one off her face.

A delicate necklace hung around her neck and a beaded bracelet clung around her wrist.

Holly’s lower half was mostly concealed but hip strings were visible around her waist, and fans could surmise that her bikini bottoms probably matched her top, which was designed with a fun, colorful floral print.

To finish off her post, Holly shared a short clip of the ocean tide lapping the sand and a still shot of half of a swimming pool that overlooked the beachfront and sea just yards away.

As Holly continues to live life to the fullest since quitting alcohol, the star has been honest about her health journey.

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Holly Ramsay discusses going sober for her health and well-being

While Holly might keep a lot of her private life to herself, she has not been quiet about her difficult journey toward sobriety.

Sharing her story with her Instagram followers, Holly marked her second year sober in the fall, posting online, “Today marks two years since I last had alcohol. Two years ago today I hit rock bottom, I was terrified. I certainly didn’t think I would be where I am today both physically and mentally. I’ve fought every day since to get where I am today.”

Marking her first anniversary of being off of alcohol with an equally honest share, in which she penned that being off the substance had helped her get stronger both physically and mentally, Holly shared that her journey had been a lonely one at times.

She admitted that it took time for her to figure out who her true friends were, detailing that she had to work to surround herself with people she could rely on to accept her decision and not pressure her to drink.

Holly has also shared her sobriety path with her podcast followers, taking to her 21 & Over stream to open up more about her choice to go off alcohol along with talking about her past struggles with anxiety and depression.

Aside from abstaining from drinking for over two years now, Holly occasionally chimes in on her IG page to show her support for special companies that she herself uses and believes in.

Holly Ramsay talks up Yango Deli UK

A look back into Holly’s IG history shows that the star has taken rare, but important, moments to talk about certain companies she clearly feels strongly about.

Last year, Holly shared her love for the UK-based company Yango Deli, posting a fun video in which the budding podcaster could be seen putting together an incredible spread of food using the UK delivery service.

“The perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast… delivered to my door in 15 minutes by Yango Deli, an ultra fast delivery service which launched recently in London,” Holly gushed in a post that came nearly a year ago on Valentine’s Day.

“I even got these gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers too ?”

A delve into the Yango Deli website shows that the brand is somewhat similar to the American grocery website Instacart, with a slew of food items available at the click of a mouse.

Along with offering single items, Yango also has a tab for Ready To Eat meals that can be chomped on right away once delivered.

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