Holly Ramsay celebrates Easter from the ski slopes of France

Holly Ramsay poses for a picture.
Holly Ramsay enjoyed Easter while abroad, hitting the slopes of France for a ski day. Pic credit: @hollyramsayy/Instagram

Holly Ramsay turned Easter into an epic adventure as she hit the slopes of Chamonix Mont Blanc in France.

The 23-year-old daughter of chef Gordon Ramsay has proven that she has made a name for herself even with the famous moniker, having amassed a social media following of 323,000 people.

The young starlet and podcaster often shares stunning snaps of herself online, showing off a cut figure in bikinis and gorgeous dresses, but Holly changed up her typical shares with her recent post as she bundled up to stay warm.

Looking chic and glowing, Holly stood with the majestic backdrop of the French mountain range, smiling while standing on what looked like heaps and heaps of snowfall.

Holly left her blonde locks down, letting the strands cascade over her bright yellow puffer coat.

Leaving her face mostly untouched with makeup, save for eye-defining sweeps of mascara, Holly was a vision of color as she posed in her Easter-appropriate ensemble.

Holly Ramsay enjoys a ski weekend on the slopes of Chamonix Mont Blanc

Somehow even making a cozy ski get-up look Instagram-worthy, Holly brightened up the stark surroundings, adding a pop of yolk yellow to the dark green pine trees and white snow that decorated the towering range behind her.

Holly gave her best model pose in her second snap, grasping dark shades over her eyes while turning to give a side profile.

Stylish, black, velvety-looking gloves kept her hands warm, matching her figure-hugging black pants and the swatches of black lines that ran across parts of her ski coat.

“Spring Chick in the snow ??” she captioned the series, sharing a funny snap of a photoshopped egg in a nest sitting next to a skier on the gondola for her final shot.

While the young star seemed to revel in her time overseas, Holly has made it clear that she takes her professional life seriously, using her podcast to discuss substance abuse, an issue she is well-educated about as she struggled with alcohol use well before she turned 21.

Holly took her personal experiences with alcoholism to her podcast platform, starting up 21 & Over, to have a space in which to share her own insight and offer guidance to those also struggling with substance abuse.

Along with managing her successful podcast, Holly has used her famous name to lend a hand to brand promotion for labels she feels strongly about.

Holly Ramsay promotes Yango Deli UK

As shared on her Instagram page, Holly took time out of her busy schedule last year to tell her fans about one of her favorite meal delivery services.

Talking up Yango Deli UK, Holly shared a video clip for Valentine’s Day 2022, showing a delicious-looking spread of food she got from the company as she worked on cards in her hotel room.

Seen munching on fresh strawberries with almond butter and croissants, Holly captioned the clip, “The perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast… delivered to my door in 15 minutes by Yango Deli, an ultra fast delivery service which launched recently in London. I even got these gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers too.”

A dive into the Yango website pulls up a colorful display that shows that the company provides not just food but also cleaning supplies, Passover specials, and household items.

Appearing like a version of the American-based Instacart, Yango Deli sells a wide range of products, with everything from fresh foods and frozen meals to diapers and latex gloves.

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