Hoda Kotb admits she can relate to Cardi B’s relationship drama

Hoda Kotb at The Pierre Hotel, and Cardi B at The Third Annual TIDAL X Benefit Concert held at Barclays Center
Hoda Kotb defends rapper Cardi B. Pic credit: © Malafronte/

Cardi B has been facing heat from her fans for seemingly reconciling with her husband, Offset, after their recent breakup.

However, the WAP rapper surprisingly has the support of morning show host Hoda Kotb, who recently admitted that she can relate to Cardi B’s relationship drama.

A short while ago, Cardi was blasting her husband on social media and declaring that she was a single woman after their latest fallout.

That didn’t stop the couple from ringing in the New Year together, as a video was posted of the pair partying at a strip club.

Cardi also confessed during a live chat on X that she did more than just party with her estranged husband.

People have been bashing the mom of two for constantly going back to Offset, but at least one person completely understands.

Hoda Kotb defends Cardi B for hooking up with Offset following their split

Cardi B has at least one person in her corner after she admitted to sleeping with Offset on New Year’s Eve despite their split.

The hip-hop couple was a hot topic for Today with Hoda & Jenna as they discussed some popular holiday “traps” that can tempt people to reconcile with their exes.

Jenna called the Christmas season a trap and added, “The next one that you need to be careful of — which we should’ve talked to Cardi before — is New Year’s Eve.”

However, Hoda reasoned, “After you’ve been with someone for seven years and you see them and it’s New Year’s Eve, sometimes if you’ve been broken up… you forget what it was that was bugging you.”

The 59-year-old reasoned that the female rapper may have fallen into old habits – something that she knows all too well.

“Yes, I have fallen into old habits,” Hoda admitted, “And I did regret it after the old habit happened.”

Are Cardi B and Offset back together after NYE rendevous?

Meanwhile, the question is whether or not Offset and Cardi B are officially back together after their New Year’s Eve hookup, and that’s still up in the air.

Several days after Cardi B announced that they had split, fans speculated that the pair were back together, and Cardi went off on them on social media.

She told one X user to “shut the f**k up,” and accused her fans of “talking s**t” about her, adding, “Did I say I was back together with somebody?”

Do you think Cardi B and Offset are back together after their steamy NYE rendevous?

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