Hockey goalie Mikayla Demaiter in Daisy Dukes shows ‘8th wonder of the world’

Hockey goalie Mikayla Demaiter
Hockey goalie Mikayla Demaiter is rocking Daisy Dukes and strutting her stuff. Pic credit: @mikaylademaiter/Instagram

Mikayla Demaiter continued to fly in the face of modern conventions with a recent video that was nothing short of captivating.

The social media star shared a clip on her Instagram, as she strutted her stuff in a crop top and shorts combo. Her athleticism was evident in the video as she walked confidently outdoors.

For those out of the loop, Mikayla became famous as the “world’s sexiest ice hockey star” after she played goalie for the Bluewater Hawks. When you think about a hockey player, a beautiful blonde with all of their teeth probably isn’t what first comes to mind, and that might be a key to Mikayla’s success.

The beautiful hockey goalie from Ontario has turned heads because of her amazing good looks and surprising profession. Because Mikayla broke expectations regarding hockey players’ looks, she became and stayed popular.

Although Mikayla retired from the game in 2020 to focus on her blossoming modeling career, she still has hockey player energy in her soul.

Mikayla has frequently taken to social media for head-turning content, and her latest Instagram post was no different.

Mikayla Demaiter struts outdoors in Daisy Dukes

The gorgeous athlete posed in Daisy Duke shorts and a crop top, declaring herself the “8th wonder of the world” in a caption accompanying the share.

Mikayla walked down a sidewalk, turning it into a catwalk, stopping to pose, and then continuing on her way.

She rocked a spaghetti strap crop top that perfectly fit her figure. Mikayla paired the top with shorts and finished the ensemble with a pair or daring black heels, adding a bit of flair to the casual look.

The goalie’s blonde tresses were tied in a low ponytail, and she sported natural makeup with an obvious glow.

Pivoting her career to modeling was probably a good idea for Mikayla because injuries in hockey are pretty common. A flying hockey puck or a swing of a hockey stick could cause serious injuries for any player. 

As a model and influencer, Mikayla continues on her fitness journey, bringing fans along for the ride.

Mikayla Demaiter’s glute workout routine

Mikayla doesn’t only post videos and pictures of her looking fabulous. She has also shared some workout tips for those seeking inspiration or motivation.

On her IG Stories, she shared a hardcore glute workout that wasn’t for the faint of heart. She started with glute kickbacks, doing 15 reps per leg and alternating, and repeating that four times.

Next, she did a set of 20 jump squats, repeating four times.

mikayla demaiter workout
Pic credit: @mikaylademaiter/Instagram

Finally, Mikayla did glute rainbows 15 times on each leg, repeating four times. As a reward for the workout, she gave her workout partner, her dog, some love.

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1 month ago

Works out to much 😏🤷🏼‍♂️

1 month ago

most dudes are like: I’m in all alone on a brake away, I’m definitely going 5 hole! He shoots, he scores… LOL