Hilary Duff enjoys solo time without her kids

Hilary Duff attends a Baby2Baby gala.
Hilary Duff enjoyed some downtime sans kids as she relaxed in the bath tub. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Every parent knows that getting time alone is a rare treat, and Hilary Duff knows just what to do when those moments arise.

The How I Met Your Father actress, 35, took advantage of a kid-free morning to work on her self-care.

The star posted to her social media page to share a snippet of how she decided to spend the solo time, going with a stunning makeup-free selfie while soaking in a bath.

With a beam of sunshine streaming through the window behind her head, Hilary proved that she doesn’t need any foundation or other facial concealment to enhance her dazzling looks.

Hilary glanced away from the lens as she leaned back in the tub, her typically-blonde locks looking brown from being soaking wet.

Her seemingly-ageless features radiated beauty as she gave a close-mouthed smile.

Hilary Duff enjoys a bath without her kids around.
Hilary Duff enjoys a relaxing bath. Pic credit: @hilaryduff/Instagram

Two necklaces clung around her neck, with one silver choker forming a flattering row of metallic beads while the other accessory consisted of gold chain links with a lock hanging at the bottom.

“Took a bath without a child this morning,” she captioned the post, highlighting how uncommon her solo bath times are.

Although such posts are not among Hilary’s usual shares, as the star sticks mostly with family shots and stills from the HIMYF set, Hilary has been known to take the internet by storm with more daring shots in the past.

Hilary Duff dazzles in a stunning swimsuit

In the fall, Hilary casually dropped a memory from her time shooting for the cover of Australia’s Women’s Health magazine earlier in 2022.

Wearing a gorgeous one-piece swimsuit for her cover shot, Hilary looked smashing as she posed with the front zipper of the suit stopped midway up her chest.

The star showed a peek at her arm tattoos while a look at the inner thigh ink was clearly visible along the hemline of the swimwear.

Keeping her face fresh with subtle hints of makeup, Hilary stretched her arms above behind her head, seemingly tugging at her slicked-back tresses.

Her bathing suit flashback and her current bathtub session both give evidence to the fact that Hilary obviously has her fitness ritual under control.

Hilary Duff’s trainer shares the star’s exercise secrets

As reported by Women’s Health, Hilary’s personal trainer Dominic Leeder explained that his approach to tackling the star’s fitness was a matter of taking things slowly.

“Reaching your fitness goals is more of a marathon than it is a sprint,” he said, adding that many of his clients try the sprinting method but quickly fail.

“…making it a marathon means that my main focus for my clients is to not just to reach their goal but to keep their goal,” he continued.

Dominic detailed his workout plan and approach with Hilary, sharing that when he first started working with the actress, he took the tact of easing into a routine rather than going full steam immediately.

The duo started off by using resistance training while also focusing on Hilary’s diet to ensure she was getting the proper nutrients to support her body.

Over time, weight training was added in, with the Lizzie McGuire alum doing at least 10 reps of heavier dumbbells to build up her strength.

“After that, we would then drop the weight down and do eight reps at a slower rep range,” Dominic added. “I’ve found it’s the best way to gain lean muscle mass if it’s mixed with a sensible science-based diet.”

Hilary made sure to work out for an hour four days a week, peppering in moves like dumbbell rows, leg lifts, pushdowns, and bosu ball exercises to tone every inch of her frame.

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