Here’s why Patti LaBelle was rushed off-stage for evac during concert

Patti LaBelle smiling
A Patti LaBelle concert ended abruptly due to a reported “bomb threat.” Pic credit: ©

Patti LaBelle was rushed off-stage by security mid-show after a “bomb threat” was made, it has been reported. 

The iconic soul singer was in the middle of a concert on Saturday night (December 10) when the show suddenly came to an end. 

Footage captured by concert-goers at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee was posted online, which showed the incident taking place.

In the videos, the 78-year-old can be seen speaking to the crowd, as Page Six reports. 

Then suddenly, just moments after addressing her fans, two security guards stormed onto the stage and removed her.

Clearly shocked at the interruption, Patti dropped the bouquet of flowers she was holding before exclaiming, “wait.”

Patti LaBelle whisked off the stage by security mid-show 

The award-winning singer didn’t address the crowd again and was quickly hurried off stage with no further explanation. 

Patti’s band could then be seen swiftly abandoning their stations to follow suit behind the music star and her security.

While fans of Patti could be heard asking, “What happened?” as they huddled in the crowd.

A separate video was taken outside the theater and shows the public standing on the sidewalk and spilling into the street.

The person who filmed the video and posted it to Twitter said that “all of the participants are waiting outside” after being evacuated.

“We do not know if we go back inside to the venue. It is up to the Riverside Theater if we can go back inside,” they added in the video.

Following the incident, a reported statement made by Milwaukee PD said the audience was “safely evacuated” from the venue, and the investigation is “fluid and ongoing.”

However, since then, Milwaukee’s Riverside has revealed the reason why the show came to an abrupt end.

Officials reveal why Patti LaBelle was rushed off-stage 

In a statement, they said that the show was “postponed following a bomb threat investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department.”

The statement, according to NBC News, added, “We are thankful for the efforts of the Milwaukee Police Department and our customers and staff for their safe and orderly exit.”

The police told NBC News affiliate WTMJ that the theater was searched by K9 units, and no explosive devices were found.

They also added that there was no threat to the general public.

Patti is widely regarded as the Godmother of Soul and rose to fame as the lead singer of Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells. 

Their best-known song is the iconic track Lady Marmalade, later covered by singers Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Mya, and rapper Lil’ Kim.

However, the band split in 1976, and Patti went on to enjoy a successful solo career, with hit singles such as You Are My Friend and Need and Want You which was later sampled on Nelly and Kelly’s number one hit Dilemma.

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