Here’s why Ginger Zee is scared she may ‘not make it’ to GMA tomorrow

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Ginger was busy on Monday in St. Louis. Pic credit: © Nacion/StarMaxWorldwide

Ginger Zee has been on the go for a once-in-a-lifetime event, but she’s worried it may keep her from making it work on Tuesday morning.

The ABC chief meteorologist was on assignment in St. Louis, Missouri on Monday to watch the solar eclipse.

Ginger visited Southern Illinois University, where she was recorded as the sky went dark in Carbondale, Illinois.

The GMA personality had quite the reaction when she witnessed the eclipse in real-time, screaming, “No way!” during the event.

After watching the eclipse, Ginger said “I got tingles from my fingertips, right down my elbows into my knees … wow.”

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end, and shortly after she got to experience the solar eclipse in Illinois, it was back to the grind for Ginger.

Ginger Zee fears she might miss her Tuesday morning gig at Good Morning America due to the eclipse

As she left Illinois to head to the airport, Ginger recorded herself inside the car and shared why she may not make it to work Tuesday morning.

Ginger uploaded her video as an Instagram Reel, which she captioned, “Spectacular event but unlike many of the other places… we have quite the journey to get to the last flight out of STL… will we make it? 😂😉 please send good vibes #eclipse #eclipsetraffic.”

As Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles played in the background, Ginger told her Instagram followers, “The eclipse was great. I even got a T-shirt. Sam and I are just lovin’ life.”

“But will I make it to GMA tomorrow?” she inquired.

Next, Ginger panned her camera to the line of traffic in front of her, which was moving at a glacial pace.

In the text over her video, Ginger added, “We have 3 hours to our flight and 2 hours of traffic left. Would love some eclipse-like sunshine vibes.”

Ginger starts her days before the sun rises

It makes sense that Ginger is worried about returning to New York City in time for work.

The morning television personality starts her work day extra early, waking up between 3:45 and 4:15 a.m. on the weekdays to ensure she’s ready for the day.

Ginger must set aside plenty of time for her glam squad to do her hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

The mom of two has joked that the only rest she gets is falling asleep during a movie.

Even after 20 years of being a meteorologist, however, Ginger admitted that it never gets easier rising before dawn.

Depending on whether or not Ginger was able to catch her flight in time will determine whether she needs a fill-in for Tuesday morning’s GMA segment, but either way, we’re betting she’s going to be exhausted.

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