Here’s why Danny Masterson was expelled from the Church of Scientology following rape convctions

Danny Masterson
How does the Church of Scientology feel about Danny Masteron’s rape convictions? Pic credit: © Purvis/Admedia

That ’70s Show alum Danny Masterson was sentenced to three decades in prison earlier this year after being convicted on multiple rape charges.

Masterson had previously been a member of the Church of Scientology — but not anymore.

Following his convictions, he was reportedly labeled a “suppressive person (SP)” and booted from the church.

Being labeled a suppressive person means that someone’s alleged behavior may impact the spiritual growth of those around them in a negative way.

Now, everyone involved with the Church of Scientology must reportedly cut ties with him totally and completely — meaning they cannot have any relation with Masterson, according to The Daily Mail.

This includes his estranged wife, Bijou Phillips, who is believed to be a member of the church and has since filed for divorce from the actor.

The Church of Scientology ‘still believes that Danny Masterson is innocent’

Despite the move, the church reportedly maintains its stance that Masterson is innocent.

Private Investigator Jeffery Augustine, a former Scientologist who now runs the website The Scientology Money Project, revealed Masterson’s reported expulsion from the church.

“According to my sources, Danny has been declared a suppressive person, which means he would be expelled from Scientology,” he told the outlet.

“They are telling Scientologists that he will file an appeal and that he is innocent of the charges for which he was convicted.

“They (church officials) declared Danny a suppressive person for not maintaining the high ethical standards for the Church of Scientology, and other reasons – but not because he was convicted of rape,” he added.

Bijou Phillips filed for divorce from Danny Masterson

Masterson was sentenced to 30 years for two counts of rape on September 7 this year.

Two weeks after his sentencing, his wife, Phillips filed for divorce from the actor.

The reasons for the divorce are not known, but coule of course include his convictions in general, as well as his reported expulsion from the Church of Scientology.

It was revealed on October 20 that Masterson surrendered full custody of his nine-year-old daughter, Fianna Francis, to Phillips.

Earlier this year, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis came under fire for their character statements about Masterson and subsequently faced more heat after they apologized for their letters supporting him.

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