Here’s how Ariana Grande keeps Mac Miller’s memory alive through her makeup line

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande
Fans have picked up on clues in Ariana Grande’s new makeup line products. Pic credit: © J. Froggatt/FamousPix and ©

Ariana Grande has appeared to have left a trail of breadcrumbs throughout her makeup line that has led back to her ex-boyfriend, the late Mac Miller.

The 7 Rings superstar, 29, launched her makeup brand R.E.M. Beauty back in November of 2021.

With an ever-evolving inventory and addition of new products, which the artist refers to as “chapters,” fans have picked up on details that may have a deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

Malcolm James McCormick, known professionally as rapper Mac Miller, was a featured artist on Ariana’s first big hit, The Way.

The two continued a romantic relationship from 2016-2018, and a few months after breaking it off, Mac was sadly found deceased from a drug overdose at the age of 26.

Ariana has mentioned the hardship of losing Mac, notably referencing him on her Thank U, Next album with the lyrics, “Wish I could say ‘thank you’ to Malcolm ’cause he was an angel.”

Recently, fans of Dangerous Woman have been noticing clues linking back to Mac Miller with her June R.E.M. Beauty release of the “chapter 3: on your collar” line.

Fans connect Mac Miller to Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. Beauty products

In a TikTok posted by beauty guru @kaylie_vazquez, she showed herself plumping her lips with one of Ariana’s newly released lip oils. She revealed that the name of the oil, “pickin petals,” may have stemmed from Mac and Ariana’s song The Way.

“When you get the r.e.m. beauty lip oil in ‘pickin petals’ and realize ari keeps dropping us little reminders of mac,” she wrote over the video.

Kaylie is referencing one of the lyrics in the former couple’s collaborative song where Mac says, “I’m thinking ’bout her every second, every hour/ Do my singing in the shower/ Picking petals off the flowers like / Do she love me, do she love me not?”

Other hints in Ariana’s makeup line that link to Mac Miller

With the realization of the lyric replica, other fans jumped in with connections they have made with Ariana’s makeup brand.

“Mac has a song before Ariana’s came out also called REMember with REM capitalized, I believe also a record label called REM,” one fan replied on Kaylie’s TikTok video.

Comment on Kaylie's tiktok video
Pic credit: @kaylie_vazquez/TikTok

“and when u say R.E.M beauty out loud, it sounds like Ari M. beauty and Mac’s last name was Miller so kinda becomes Ari Miller,” another commenter concluded.

Comment on Kaylie's beauty video
Pic credit: @kaylie_vazquez/TikTok

“and his favorite song from her album was R.E.M,” another user wrote.

Comment on Kaylie's video
Pic credit: @kaylie_vazquez/TikTok

Although he may be gone, it seems as if Ariana has seemingly left little hints to make sure he is surely never forgotten.

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