Hennessy Carolina stuns in Daisy Dukes to show off island view

Hennessy Carolina close up
Hennessy Carolina sizzled in a skin-bearing ensemble. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Hennessy Carolina was caught having a full-blown fashion moment yesterday, wearing a vibrant tie-dye top, tiny denim shorts, and a bright orange hat.

The 27-year-old could be seen perched on a concrete bench surrounded by a lush, tropical landscape with her legs crossed and her gaze traveling off to the side.

She accessorized with a pair of hoop earrings, and her perfectly manicured fingers and toes provided some gorgeous contrast against her enviable bronze skin tone.

Still, the most eye-catching aspect of the ensemble was her neon green shoes, which were held together by some old-school coiled telephone cords.

As the little sister of rap legend and fashion icon Cardi B, it should be no surprise that Hennessy isn’t afraid to stand out with her wardrobe choices.

She kept it simple yet suggestive with the caption, adding just a few emojis, “☘️??.”

Hennessy Carolina showed off her workout routine

Hennessy got her sweat on for a recent video promoting WHAT WAIST®, an athletic apparel brand offering everything from athleisure clothing to shapewear solutions.

An ambassador for the thriving company, the gorgeous New York native took her sculpted figure to the treadmill and elliptical to show off how the shapewear works.

The entire Instagram Reel was set to the beat of Up by her big sister Cardi B, which was the perfect motivation for Hennessy. 

She took a break at the end of the video to rehydrate before demonstrating how to remove the black shapewear band, revealing her toned tummy.

Hennessy Carolina celebrated her birthday in Jamaica

Hennessy brought on the birthday love last week, wearing a colorful minidress with jaw-dropping cut-outs and an open back.

The prominent influencer and fashion blogger struck several poses in the risqué ensemble, accentuating her every glorious curve.

She accessorized the look with silver jewelry and strappy heels, with her thick mane of hair cascading down her back in tight curls.

Excited for the big day, she shared a countdown in the caption, writing, “Birthday at 12 .”

Now, it should be obvious from her photos, but as it turns out, Hennessy takes her skincare routine very seriously.

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she shared her go-to products for healthy, radiant skin, stating her goal: “I want to be one tone, and I want to glow.”

She added, “I’ve been trying face products since I was like 13, 12-years old. I use to break out a lot, especially in my teen years. These are just the products that have been working for me the best.”

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