Helena Christensen shared sentimental post with black and white throwbacks

Helena Christensen selfie up close
Helena Christensen is stunning in an array of black and white throwbacks. Pic credit: @helenachristensen/Instagram

Danish model Helena Christensen has had a long and fruitful career that has not just resulted in professional success but also many blooming friendships.

The supermodel took to social media to share an inside look at a friendship she developed over the years between advertising agency heads Rocco Laspata and Charles DeCaro.

Now 54, she revealed that she met the two when she was in her early 20s and joked that she had tricked them into thinking she was “overall a very polite, nice girl,” but it didn’t take long for them to learn otherwise.

Helena shared a variety of photos on Instagram documenting the years of their friendship, showing her in different modeling shoots, all in black and white.

In the photos, she ranged from elegant dresses to swimwear and even a select few tasteful nude photos that show an eye for artistry.

At the end of her heartfelt caption, Helena wrote, “Literally, the stories I could tell of my adventures with these two should be a book.” Fortunately for Helena and fans, this array of photos does a wonderful job telling a beautiful story regardless.

Helena Christensen boasts decades-long career

Born Christmas Day in 1968, it didn’t take long for Helena to reach stardom early in her life – and she has only continued to rise since then.

Her big break was in 1991. At only 23, Helena scored a role in Chris Isaak’s legendary music video for Wicked Games, and her career only went up from there.

The Danish model has graced Vogue time and time again, but that’s not the only big name she has on her resume.

Her first Chanel campaign came in 1990 before her starring role in the Wicked Games music video. Shortly after her video appearance, she was selected the first campaign girl for Prada, becoming the face of the fashion giant.

She would continue to climb up and grow as a fashion icon as she worked with brands such as Versace, starred in the film Pret-a-Porter for a cameo, and even went back to music videos with Duran Duran in 2011.

Her life also took a turn in the late ’90s when she was involved in a long-term relationship with Norman Reedus and welcomed their son in 1999, but her work in fashion and modeling is far from over.

Helena Christensen glows for Cellular Goods

In a recent ad, Helena shared her approval for the Rejuvenating Face Serum from Cellular Goods.

She notes that this is a product she “seriously loves” and continues to use it for its incredible antioxidants and anti-aging properties. One look at Helena is enough to prove that the serum does indeed work.

Helena and Cellular Goods worked to launch a collection together, noting that the Helena Christensen range includes new products and the first time they’ve used a blend of CBG and CBD for the products.

This range includes the Rejuvenating Night Cream ($103), SPF 25 Rejuvenating Day Cream ($91), and Rejuvenating Day Mousse ($80).

The advertised Rejuvenating Cannabinoid Face Serum is available in a travel size for $63 and full size for $114.

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