Helena Christensen channels cottagecore vibes in outdoor shoot

Helena Christensen
Helena Christensen wore a corset and crown of flowers as she celebrated the outdoors in a new photoshoot. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/John Nacion/StarMaxWorldwide

Supermodel Helena Christensen is well known for her love of nature and the outdoors, which she demonstrated in a recent shoot from her Instagram Stories.

Wearing a white cotton mini dress which showed off her enviable long limbs, she added a figure-fitted corset and a crown of flowers in her long hair to emphasize the nature vibe.

Cottagecore is a fashion aesthetic celebrating an idealized rural life, centering on clothing, interior design and crafts such as baking, pottery and drawing. Helena certainly appears to embrace that lifestyle.

Helena is comfortable being natural or more glamorous

Christensen says being in nature is a constant source of inspiration for her. “Nature, always nature, from beginning to end,” she told Grazia magazine. “Every year I am so blown away by how beautiful nature transforms this time of year. Everything I do in life somehow is inspired by nature, my entire creative side springs from that.”

The 53-year-old supermodel often retreats to her home in the Catskill Mountains after hitting the red carpet, regularly swimming in the icy-cold local waters accompanied by her dog. Many of her 1 million followers are amazed at how she does this wearing a succession of skimpy swimwear, others wondering whether it may be the secret to her eternal youth.

Some of her recent photoshoots for Coco de Mer luxury lingerie brand, and beauty company, Cellular Goods, show a more glamorous side to Helena. Shooting the lingerie campaign on the hottest day of the year in England didn’t faze her in the least, as she says the entire female crew also ended up in their underwear.

Helena Christensen spending time in nature.
Helena Christensen loves spending time in nature. Pic credit: @HelenaChristensen/Instagram

Helena models with son, Mingus, in fashion campaign

It’s only a few days since Helena was modelling matching suits with her son, Mingus Reedus, aged 22, in a fashion campaign for the designer Marcell Von Berlin, showing she can move seamlessly between high glamour and natural beauty.

“It’s always great hanging out with my son,” she added in her interview with Grazia. “We have a lot of fun together sharing little jokes between us throughout the day. It’s good to have a secret language on set, that way you can really let the dark humor flow and my son is a master at that.”

Mingus definitely shares his mother’s looks, but modelling isn’t his passion as he prefers to make music or study film. His father, Norman Reedus, is a photographer and Helena also loves being behind the lens, so he has clearly inherited their creative genes too.

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