Helena Christensen, 53, poses poolside in black bikini

Helena Christensen
Model Helena Christensen stunned poolside in a black bikini. Pic credit: @helenachristensen/Instagram

Danish model and photographer Helena Christensen is proving that age is nothing but a number this summer.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel took part in a recent ad campaign with Karl Lagerfeld’s new slimline, similar to the ad model Alexis Ren recently shared.

Though she may not be an Angel anymore, Helena looks nowhere near 53 as she flaunts her youthful appearance and toned physique for the ad.

The model took to the pool to show off the swimwear, posing in a black bikini and a thin white button-up shirt for cover.

Next to her sat a large Karl Lagerfeld tote bag, the perfect size to hold all necessary swimming supplies, such as a towel, hat, sunglasses, or sunscreen.

The picture showed Helena as the essence of youth, from her glowing complexion to her subtle makeup as she made 53 look like the new 25.

Helena Christensen shows off toned physique in black bikini

Sitting on the rock ledge of the pool, Helena leaned back on one hand while the other rested on her leg. Her legs were slightly crossed, with one foot dangling over the water.

Her toned abs and legs were on full display as she gave the camera a subtle and soft smile.

A swipe right showed the model standing in the pool, ditching the white button-up and grabbing a beach ball instead.

She posed with the beach ball on top of her head, giving a wide grin to the camera as her dog stood and looked down at her.

She wrote, “Hanging poolside with an old dear friend [Karl Lagerfeld[ [wave emoji] [heart emoji],” before using the hashtags #KARLLAGERFELDPARIS and #ad.

The ad campaign was a good opportunity for Helena to show off her youthful appearance, one that’s maintained with a combination of diet, fitness, and beauty routines.

Helena Christensen gives diet, beauty, and fitness tips

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar a few years ago, Helena gave her best tips for keeping up with her physical and mental well-being while staying on her busy schedule.

First, Helena recommends rest more than anything, advising, “I feel absolutely the best when I have had good sleep. That’s my number one priority.”

She adds that it’s important for people to think of new ways to stay fit. At the time, she had picked up pole dancing and said, “It is the hardest physical activity I have ever done in my life, and I have so much awe and respect for pole dancers.”

Another fitness tip is to try boxing at least once, and sprinting works better than running to activate your metabolism and muscles. She also recommends finding the right kind of yoga, as there are several different kinds.

Regarding diet, she recommends eating food you love and taking supplements for additional benefits.

For overall wellness, she has a few other tips: Finding balance in your life, don’t be afraid to be alone, always respect yourself and other people, don’t be afraid to learn from your children, love your natural beauty, and always look for the humor in situations.

Helena also advises fans, “Don’t hold yourself back, especially if you feel like you can’t because of your gender. That shouldn’t be the reason stopping you from doing anything.”

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