Helena Christensen, 53, defies freezing temps as she plunges into icy waters in a swimsuit

Helena Christensen at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Helena Christensen stunned fans with an icy plunge. Pic credit: ©

Supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Helena Christensen is no stranger to modeling scenes and outfits that may shock people, even as she’s grown older.

Christensen frequently posts photos of herself in swimsuits and lingerie. However, it’s not uncommon to see celebrities in their 50s and older post revealing pictures, actress Salma Hayek and model Christie Brinkley both share their own swimsuit pics quite often.

However, Helena Christensen’s most recent post doesn’t compare to other photos. In this short video, fans were shocked to watch the model submerge herself in an icy pool of water while surrounded by snow outside.

Helena Christensen’s icy Instagram post

The video Helena Christensen posted isn’t long, but it leaves fans in awe.

The model is seen wearing a yellow floral halter swimsuit. Her hair is in two braids on either side of her face, and the ensemble is tied together with a beanie.

She had nothing else on.

Fans were able to get a good look at the model as she went back and forth between submerging herself into the icy water and standing up.

The first thing fans notice about her swimsuit is the large cutout in the back while she turns in the water. As she stands, fans are given a full view of the front of her swimsuit. It features a sweetheart neckline and high-rise sides- showing off her incredibly toned legs.

Throughout the video, it’s easy to see that Helena Christensen is super cold from her shivers and attempts to keep her face warm. However, many fans believe that her icy submersion was done for health benefits.

According to Healthline, cold water therapy may boost your immune system, lessen muscle soreness, and help treat depression. However, very little research has been done into this, so there isn’t enough evidence to say that cold water therapy actually does all of this, and even less studying done on water as cold as Helena Christensen’s pool of choice.

Regardless of her reason for her dip in the icy waters, this post has fans wondering about the model’s younger years and some of her fashion choices then.

A look at Helena Christensen’s younger modeling runways

Fortunately for curious fans, Christensen has a habit of posting videos of her younger self on runways for everyone to see.

One such popular video is a throwback from Vix Foster Productions’ model archives.

Another such post isn’t credited to a specific production agency or modeling agency but features many of her iconic looks and struts down various catwalks.

Fans may only be curious about Helena Christensen’s younger days, but it seems like Christensen is rather fond of reminiscing on her modeling work herself.

Given her long line of work and various agencies, it only makes sense that Christensen would like to archive her own accomplishments on her own Instagram page. Not only does this benefit herself, but the fans who want to reminisce with her- or even see it for the first time.

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