Heidi Montag’s raw meat diet: Here’s why the former MTV star keeps carrying organ meat in plastic bags

Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag is on an extreme meat diet. Pic credit: ©

Heidi Montag is trying out another trend.

Heidi was spotted eating pieces of raw meat from Ziploc bags on Thursday. The reality TV star has never been camera shy, and of course, photographers caught her enjoying the new diet. 

The Hills: New Beginnings star sang the praises of her new carnivore diet. According to Heidi, the raw meat diet will improve her chance of conceiving a second child. Heidi cited the nutritional value and functions of raw organs as reasons for consumption.

Heidi Montag’s raw meat diet and health benefits

Heidi Montag loves eating raw meat, and she does not care who sees her doing it. She consumed raw meat from Ziploc bags this week in front of cameras. 

In an apparent photo opp, Heidi took a big bite out of a raw bison heart on the streets of California. She smiled for the paparazzi as she took a chunk out of the bison heart, which was in a Ziploc bag. The bottom of the bag was full of blood, presumably from the raw meat. 

Heidi told People Magazine, “I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half. I’m willing to try different things.”

Heidi discusses the functions of the organs as a potential reason why eating raw meat is effective. She explained, “When you think about where the most nutrients are that are bioavailable to humans without toxins, organs are very nutritious parts of animals. Culturally organs are a critical part. Eating raw liver is going to preserve as many nutrients as possible.”

She continued about her diet’s benefits, “It’s a great source of nutrients! I have felt incredible on this diet. A lot more energy, clarity, increased libido, and overall improvement on chronic pain I have had.”

Heidi compared the raw meat to eating sushi. She said, “I just happen to like eating sushi-style organs.”

Heidi tagged Dr. Paul Saladino, the self-proclaimed Carnivore, MD. 

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s pregnancy struggles

Heidi and Spencer have been trying to get pregnant again since December 2020.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt share a son named Gunner, but the two want a second child. In August, Heidi underwent surgery to increase her chances of pregnancy. She filmed the occasion for her YouTube page. 

Heidi had a Hysteroscopic polypectomy procedure to improve her fertility. The surgeon removes uterine polyps, which are non-cancerous overgrowths during a polypectomy. The removal of the polyps is said to increase fertility chances. 

Heidi and Spencer continue to document her struggles with fertility on various social media platforms.

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