Heidi Lavon reveals creepy Silent Hill nurse cosplay and it’s winning Halloween

Heidi Lavon gazes into the camera.
Tattoo model Heidi Lavon cosplayed in a sexy nurse outfit. Pic credit: @heidilavon/Instagram

Tattoo model Heidi Lavon rocked a tiny and creepy nurse Halloween costume.

The Silent Hill nurse outfit was a white and long, curve-hugging shirt that zipped from top to bottom. It featured a plunging and collared neckline, and the ends of the short sleeves and the shirt were ripped up.

The entire shirt was covered in fake blood and marks, adding to the creepy detail of the cosplay.

Heidi’s shirt also featured a red heart with a white cross on the right, and the style of the outfit accentuated Heidi’s curves. Her tattoos that covered her neck, arms, chest, and legs brought the cosplay outfit to the next level.

The writer for Skin Art Magazine posed for the mirror selfie with a playful winking face and the tip of her tongue slightly poking out of her mouth. She wore black glasses that framed her face.

Heidi wore her dark hair down and parted on the right side. Her makeup was minimal with her already gorgeous features, and this let her tattoos and Halloween outfit steal the show.

The Cosplayer’s overall look was sexy yet spooky, playful, and ready for a wild night out.

Heidi Lavon takes selfie in nurse cosplay outfit.
Tattoo model Heidi Lavon was gorgeous in a tiny nurse outfit. Pic credit: @heidilavon/Instagram

Heidi Lavon is on a billboard in Times Square

The Twitch partner posted a video happily posing in front of a blown-up photo of herself in Times Square. In the blown-up photo, she wore a sheer dress that featured large cutouts, and the black fabric swooped across her chest and down her belly.

In the video, Heidi was ecstatic as she pointed to the billboard and said, “That’s me!” She continued to pose with both her hands in the hand and again with two thumbs up.

As the tattoo model posed in front of her billboard, she wore a red tank top that cropped above the belly button and hip-hugging jean shorts. Her hair was in two adorable braids, and as always, her tattoos stole the show.

Heidi Lavon reaches past her dreams

Heidi included in her caption, “This is such a surreal & pivotal moment for me. Something like this I couldn’t have ever dreamed of happening let alone in this iconic location.”

The model went on to thank James Marshall Ramsey, whom Heidi said is both her biggest supporter and also the person that shoots her modeling photos, including the one seen in Times Square.

Heidi has accomplished more than she ever dreamed of, and the momentum seems to be moving her forward even more.

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