Heidi Klum wears a Raquel Welch bikini in a throwback photo

Heidi Klum photo
Heidi Klum paid tribute to Raquel Welch. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Heidi Klum honored Raquel Welch following the news of her death. The Hollywood actress died after a brief illness at age 82 at her home.

Klum shared a throwback photo in which she stunned in the Welch deer skin bikini.

Welch wore a similar bikini in the movie, One Million Years B.C. and became an international beauty icon.

The German model recreated the look in a photo shoot with Mark Seliger.

In the photo, Heidi posed in the skimpy bikini with a vintage backdrop to capture the aesthetic of Welch’s starring role in 1966.

Her incredible abs and toned legs were apparent in the picture in which her hair was styled straight and blowing in the wind.

Heidi Klum’s eating habits and exercise routine

In an interview with Buro, Klum confessed that she doesn’t need to diet to maintain her slender and toned physique.

She explained her philosophy when it comes to the way she eats and the definition of dieting.

“I never really diet. I’ve never really been a fan of diets or the term that diet has become now. I guess for me, it’s eating healthily. I have to say, I just had a great lunch here, super healthy with some yummy fish and grains. It’s never really about the amounts; it’s what you eat,” she said, continuing:

“I think a lot of people think in order to look fit, you can’t really eat anything. I eat quite a lot; I just eat the right things.”

Klum doesn’t restrict herself from the food she enjoys, telling the outlet that she sometimes eats spaghetti bolognese with bread.

The model explained that she doesn’t overdo high-calorie meals like bagels and cream cheese and only has them sparingly.

Klum also told the outlet that she exercises about twice a week with the Stairmaster or running machine. In addition, she occasionally adds a little weight training when running.

Heidi Klum promotes Germany’s Next Topmodel

Klum is returning with another season of Germany’s Next Topmodel.

The series is returning with its 18th season this month, and in the debut episode, the model addressed the criticism the show has received for how it portrays models.

She denied all the allegations against her and the series and shifted the blame to the candidates.

Klum has released promotional material for the series on her Instagram. She shared a video meeting with new models who will be participating in the new season.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel shared another ad thanking the special guest and models who came on the show.

GNTP is expected to have 17 episodes with between 12 and 31 contestants.

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