Heidi Klum stuns in plunging orange jumpsuit for AGT event

Heidi Klum stuns in red jumpsuit.
Heidi Klum looks flawless in her stylish jumpsuit. Pic credit: © AdMedia

All eyes were on Heidi Klum as she took to the red carpet for a recent America’s Got Talent event.

The 49-year-old German model attended the AGT event in a stunning, eye-catching ensemble.

Heidi wore a reddish-orange jumpsuit which undeniably turned many heads.

The model seemed to be enjoying herself as she posed away on the carpet with her hands on her hips and a huge smile across her face.

The blonde beauty has never ceased to amaze her fans as she always makes a statement with her eccentric wardrobe and stylistic choices.

The model’s AGT attire perfectly encapsulated her iconic style as she lured in many wondering eyes with her vibrant look.

Heidi Klum stuns in her jumpsuit for America’s Got Talent

Heidi ensured that the cameras stopped and further snapped photos of her fit as she looked utterly breathtaking in her suit.

The model wore a low-cut, sleeveless jumpsuit that hugged her body perfectly as it accentuated her toned and slender physique.

The bottom of the jumpsuit then flared out as it resembled a bell-bottom design. The eye-catching piece also featured a pretty gold accent in the middle, which was the buckle on the built-in belt.

The gold accent featured on the belt coordinated with her gold open-toed heels, which highlighted her brightly painted toenails.

For accessories, Heidi decided to wear nothing other than an assortment of small golden rings that were spread among her fingers.

As she smiled directly at the camera, the model’s long, wavy blonde hair flowed beautifully down past her shoulders.

Heidi Klum shines bright in her vibrant jumpsuit.
Heidi Klum attends AGT event in a stunning jumpsuit. Pic credit: ©

When it came to her makeup, Heidi went with a classic, bold and smokey eye as she layered up on the mascara and shimmery eyeshadow. She also added a touch of blush and bronzer and completed the look with a glossy nude lip.

Heidi Klum holds her 21st annual Halloween Party

The Halloween queen was back in action as she announced she’d be throwing her massive New York City Halloween party.

The model has been known for her over-the-top costumes, and this year was certainly no exception.

This year, Heidi caught her fans by surprise with her squirmy costume, literally.

The blonde beauty was completely unrecognizable as she dressed as a huge earthworm while she was accompanied by her injured fisherman husband who carried around an oversized fishhook.

Heidi spoke with PEOPLE right before the annual Halloween event stating that the costume transformation was an all-day affair. Heidi said, “I started at about 11:00 this morning, “So all day playing around, putting things on.”

The model even expressed to PEOPLE that she would be thinking about next year’s costume right after her Halloween party. She said, “When I wake up tomorrow, I start thinking of the next [costume].”

It goes without saying that fans will certainly be in for another surprise next Halloween as Heidi will be planning all year round for her extravagant, spooky party.

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